Amber Lounge Monaco Dominator 640 yacht for charity auction



The winning bidder of the Dominator yacht at the Amber Lounge Charity Auction will win the inaugural Dominator 640,  the first creation of it’s kind that has, until now, been kept from private purchase. The worldwide reverence of the yacht’s palatial amenities and functional design, and its status as truly one-of-a-kind, gives the Dominator 640 an immaterial value of over €4 million.

domiantor yacht amber lounge

Amber Lounge presents the most breathtaking, awe-inspiring auction lot to ever to grace the Amber Lounge Charity Auction – a first in our 11-year history – a bespoke Dominator 640 luxury yacht.

Starting Bid: €1.85 Million List Price: €3.16 Million Click here for detailed information Online live auction: For more information and images, please contact: Olga Titarenko  +33 6 4391 7072

Created by revolutionary yacht designer, Alberto Mancini, the impeccably-crafted Dominator 640, which measures a spacious 64 feet, features a luxurious alfresco dining area at the stern, a two-person sun pad near the bow, and a roughly 150-square-foot flybridge. Below deck, the 640’s amidships master suite stretches the width of the 16-foot beam and covers about 225 square feet, giving the owner of the Dominator 640 the ultimate capacity to explore the open seas in effortless grandeur and opulence, rivaling the glamorous lifestyles of the world’s most influential jetsetters. The yacht also features 360° thermal and night vision cameras, an avant-garde home theater system, and new micro systems that enable the installation of 3G and Wi-Fi connection, giving every room of the cabin the same comfort as a luxury hotel.

The Dominator 640 has all the DNA components of a mega yacht, and is one of Dominator’s most highly-prized boats, having won two World Yacht Trophies for best layout and interior design at the Cannes Boat Show in 2013. This debut model’s interior details include floors and cabinetry made of the finest oak and Brazilian carbalho wood, glittering backlit onyx on a wall in the saloon, sensual white leather panels covering other walls, and rich Alcantara panels on the ceiling.

Moreover, the hull of the 640 is constructed with the latest in vacuum-infusion technology and uses carbon for selected structural components to save weight and enhance rigidity. Highly effective anti-vibrating frames are also installed in the yacht to prevent the transmission of vibrations along its structures, providing the owner of the Dominator 640 the most consistently quiet-running and smooth cruising ever experienced. This magnificent piece of nautical architecture guarantees 24 months from delivery (not a typical 12), 5 years guarantee for the engines, and 10 years on structural parts, giving the winner of this yacht the most comprehensive security and limitless confidence to explore the seas with unbounded freedom.

The seamless combination of the Dominator 640’s extravagant design and layout, and the highest innovations in nautical engineering makes the Dominator 640 a yacht that has no competition in its range. Safety, the most sumptuous comfort, and reduced consumption of resources all blend into the yacht, making the Dominator 640 a masterpiece in contemporary yacht design, perfect for the avid travelling and yachting connoisseur.