Art trip : Romanov, PatMoli, Bosker, Royer, Gainier

ART GALLERY SHOW, TendanceTV and Art Director Francesco Petruzzelli                       Invites you

to a  trip around the works of Serge Romanov, PatMoli, Art Libia Bosker , David Royer and Sylvana Gainier

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 from March 20 to April 30, 2014

Spring 2014 Group Exhibition 2014  & Weekly Thursday “Art & Brain” Rendez -Vous

 Opening March 20, 2014 18 h 30 to 21h 30

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Showcasing the works of

– Serge Romanov : a fantastic fairy tale world in the digital age.romanov ok 7-1MONACo

 A simply divine universe with ” ambrotypique ” flavor. Supernatural and perfect – That two epithets  best describe the work of Sergey Romanov . From the real world , the photographer, while cultivating the documentary genre , manages to create an entirely new universe, over ruling frames , borders, rules and conventions.

– Pat Molli : She explores all subjects with a favorite theme:  modern woman .Mona

The series ” art history ” re- interprets and re-invents the classic from Vermeer to Manet or Picasso

 – David Royer : an art adept since childhood. Art is for him a life space in which everything is a pretext for experimentation and learning         david Royer sculture IMG_2376 - copie

 His latest project has led him  to dive into the plasticity and adaptability of human  beings: every man lives in an environment , a culture, a world that creates the body ‘s brain, in a holistic experience.

 – Art Libia Bosker : born in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil, over the past 22 years she has lived in various European countries and currently lives and works in Amsterdam.SONY DSC

 The Brazilian artist has many different styles, from figurative to abstract expressionist in the  form  “pointillistm”. The ” Rain ” series is a mixture of action painting and abstract work.

Sylvana Gainier : Love totems , frames, paintings and resin sculptures.small heart totem by Sylvana Gainier 2013-11-16 11.54.46 - copie

 Gainier’s style is twofold: HEART shape sculptures are one of her signatures, as well as  the use of resins, sequins and other poetic wild accumulation, transparency and light, are the mark of her inspiration.

Every Thursday throughout the duration of the exhibition , ART GALLERY SHOW

offers its

Weekly Thursday “Art & Brain” Rendez -Vous from 18h 30 to 19h 30

This “new age”  art appointment is the form of candid meetings with artists, around an aperitif.” will be a special moment  to share time and ideas with the creators and actors of the cultural and artistic life.

ART Gallery   Show

JC Chartier opened October 24, 2013 this new gallery that enriches the scene of the Monegasque art . An art lover and collector, the architect has made countless industrial project. Today he likes to share with the public his lifelong passion , to discover the works he has selected , talented artists, often newcomers to the art market …. ” The opportunity for the collector to come across a rare piece that will enrich its art gallery and play the role of protector patron and promoter of arts and culture.

After Weekly Thursday Night Art Time the group exhibition ” Russian Salad ” which was held from 15 December 2013 to 15 February 2014, the gallery presents four new artists and inaugurates with this exhibition , its  Weekly Thursday “Art & Brain” Rendez -Vous: a new concept that puts Art Gallery Show at the very the heart of the cultural life , as a melting pot of creativity dedicated to the new generation of contemporary artists. Collectors and art lovers will be able to rub shoulders with these talents and explore them with all new art trends and market


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