ambrotypes by Serge Romanov

Serge Romanov portrait

A unique insight into the almost forgotten photographic process called Ambrotype.

Serge Romanov is one of Moscow’s most extravagant glamour photographers.Today he shares with us his view on today’s photo industry, modern photographic technologies, and his personal experiences

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Serge Romanov  is famous worldwide. his  shootings for bod brands communication campaign and  top magazines are bookes weeks if not months in advance. He also gives lecture in Russia and in Europewhich are always fully booked too.

But truely, for Romanov, being a master means… always ami further . one day, by accident,  Serge Romanovwatches some freinds working with the ambrotype technique.

Note from the redaction: ambrotype is a negative on glass plate collodion, underexposed when shot, then chemically bleached during development. Placed on a black background, the image appears positive. Widely used for portraits and landscapes, ambrotype appears generally framed as the daguerreotype.


Romanov is amazed at the result and conquered by technology. those photos, he finds, are not  mere portraits. No. Faces  shine with a mysterious inner light, an elusive secret. This same light which would have taken  and hours of  editing, illuminates the faces, born as if by magic! V. Rovner ( magazine FHM )

Sergey Romanov photos reveal us a world of fairytale fantasy in digital age. A simply divine universe tasting “ambrotypique” flavor.

Supernatural and perfect – That’s how qualifies the work of Serge Romanov. From the real world, the photographer, while cultivating the documentary genre, manages to create an entirely new universe, over ruling all frames, borders, regulations and conventions.

Of course, the woman is the heart of all its fantastic assumptions – but is not this the oldest golf artistic experimentation? In visual space today, where a teeming variety of images conveying these objects of desire. Girls in Sergei Romanov’s pictures, wether sad romantic girl with a Pre-Raphaelite look or cyber-punk princess, new goddesses, angels and succubi, meet the most daring fantasies.

Of course, woman is at the heart of all his  fantasies – but is not Women the oldest field of  artistic experimentation? In today’s visual world, thousands  of images pop up showcasing convey  these objects of desire. Girls on Sergei Romanov’s pictures , sad romantic girl with Pre-Raphaelite look at  or cyber-punk princess, new goddesses, angels and succubi, meet the most daring fantasies.

A. Adamas (ZOOM magazin )

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