Catering partner Côté Vapeur

Côté Vapeur Monaco  is opening cocktail’s catering partner of the exhibition ” Romanov, Sharov , PatMoli , Bosker , Royer, Gainier  ” at Art Gallery Show

You always dreamt to find a restaurant where you could enjoy delicious food while taking care of your health , while having a lunch ” on the go” and accessing healthy and delicious food, all at once?

With  Côté Vapeur,  you ‘ve found it !


The steam cooking without adding fat, preserves food and keeps all its nutritional properties; vegetables are crisp , meats and fish , tender , the flavors are intact .

Côté Vapeur Monaco concept is based on slow food philosophy and an innovative concept , which are inspired by the best characteristics of traditional restaurants and fast food.

Côté Vapeur Monaco embodies the perfect marriage of impeccable food quality, speed of service and thoughtful aesthetic .