Patmoli: re-inventing classic art


Patricia Molinaro is born in Paris,on December the 16th 1962. After academic years of interior architecture and design at a highly reputable “National Arts School” in Paris (Ecole Boulle), she visited the American production studios in New York and L.A. (Lucas Film and Paramount). Valuable experience was gained in regard to the use of CGI enhancement for set design.


French Cancan ( merci à Toulouse Lautrec)120 X) 80 cm

She continued her studies as a graphic designer for TV, animated title sequences and kiosk animations for the “City of Science” in Paris; in total working as a freelancer for 10 years. In the 90s, she worked as a documentary filmmaker for the popular “Atlas Editions” producing video clips of the various regions in France.

At the same time, she started making short films, which she has been submitting to the Cannes Film Festival for several years till now. Ten years ago, she founded the association “Les Arts au Soleil” in St. Raphael, where in her workshop, she has been animating artistic creations trainings for students from all ages and all walks of life.

The “Patmoli way”

Her work with “styling” sketches and the discovery of Gaudi, inspired her once again to return to her first passion: modern free-style painting, with its use of many materials, colours and that so particular line.

(She is interested in all materials and textures ).The visual artist she has become, feels free to explore all subjects and media, but with a preferred theme: modern, free, enterprising, uninhibited WOMAN…This is an ode to all WOMEN, to love, to LIFE and to Freedom .


Mona:  thanks  Leonardo Da Vinci



“Les jambes des femmes sont des compas qui arpentent le globe terrestre en tous sens, lui donnant son équilibre et son harmonie”.

Francois Truffaut



De nombreuses Expositions en région PACA depuis 2004, Paris 4e sur le thème de la femme,

Base’ART Fréjus 2012, Siac mars 2013, Marseille, Sm’Art mai 2013 Aix-en-Provence, galerie Art Gallery show à Monaco (janvier/février 2014), Londres Galerie Artitude (février 2014)

TECHNIQUE MIXTE ; collage, acrylique, résine

-Les demoiselles 1 (merci à  Picasso); 160 cm x 100cm

-Les demoiselles 2; ( d’Avignon, Picasso) 100 x 72 cm

-Olympia ( merci à Manet) 150 x 50 cm

-French Cancan ( merci à Toulouse Lautrec)120 X) 80 cm

-Fantaisie 150×50 (merci à Matisse )

-Gato a la finestra ( 100 X80 ) (merci à Dufy)

-Le baiser de Rodin ( 100 x73cm)

-Le baiser Tumultueux ( 100 X72) ( merci à Toulouse Lautrec)

-Femme allongée ( 100 X80 ) ( merci à Toulouse Lautrec)

-Blanche (merci à Matisse ) 100Mx100

-Femme aux gants ( merci à Tamara de Lempicka) 80 x 60 cm

-femme dans la chambre ( merci à Bonnard ) 50 X50

-Fleurs ( merci à Raoul Dufy) 30 x30

-Déjeuner sur l’herbe ( merci à Manet) 80 x80

-Rivière ( merci Paul Sérusier ) 30 X 30 cm

-Femme à la perle ( 10P ) (merci à Vermeer)

-Mona pat (merci à Leonard di vinci )12P

-Femme au chapeau12P ( Tamara de Lempicka )


PATRICIA MOLINARO -ACAPULCO 1, BAT B, 763 Bd D’ALGER, 83600 FREJUS- 06 03 56 80 03 –