Weekly Thursday “Art & Brain” Rendez -Vous

Every Thursday throughout the duration of the exhibition , ART GALLERY SHOW

invites you to its

Weekly Thursday “Art & Brain” Rendez -Vous from 18h 30 to 19h 30

This “new age” art appointment is the form of candid meetings with artists, around an a drink,  will be a special moment to share time and ideas with the creators and actors of the cultural and artistic life. “I would love those meetings to become week after week, thursday’s late afternoon ” place to be”, says Jean Claude Chartier.

“After Weekly Thursday Night Art Time the group exhibition ” Russian Salad ” which was held from 15 December 2013 to 15 February 2014, the gallery presents four new artists and inaugurates with this exhibition , and its Weekly Thursday “Art & Brain” Rendez -Vous: A new concept that puts Art Gallery Show at the very the heart of the cultural life , as a melting pot of creativity dedicated to the new generation of contemporary artists. Collectors and art lovers will be able to rub shoulders with these talents and explore them with all new art trends and market. We shall also organize small ( the gallery IS a small one anyway) conferences about new age and compartmental  psychology, but also related to any contemporary curious aspect of our world”