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“So far it is too early to guarantee the presence of recipients,” said Murielle Van Boxem of Drax Hilton, Founding President of the World League for the Right to Happiness. “Every year the fashion magazines like    Vanity Fair ou Glamour to name a few, publish their ranking of the best dressed women in the world. Economic magazines are no exception, and FortuneForbesTime ou GQ magazine,   publishes the ranking of men and the most influential women by them. ”

“All kind of rankings are published and since one of the most influential bloggers cinema on Òbikon.net, through  gastronomy with a list of the best restaurants in the world.  Rankings and other awards, globes, charts and prizes are awarded by all sorts of entities, depending on their field of activity or of their focus. These awards are given by a jury or by the leaders. The most famous and most famous as the Golden Palm at Cannes, the Lion of Venice or Berlin Bear, the Golden Globes or the Oscars in Los Angeles, for the cinema, and the Nobel Prize, for example are prestigious awards. They may be purely honorary, but also associated with money who come to support the recipients in their actions, their research or their businesses. ”

“Regarding Happiness, not much known. In any case a quick search on the net in French, English and Italian, reveals little initiatives in this regard. Besides some fairly anecdotal approaches, as  thehappymedica hotel  La-palma-della-felicità, and a reward for blogs premio-della-felicita, our French research leads to an observatory prices happiness sponsored by Coca Cola France (yes, we say to you. Amazing, right?) and the UN World report on the happiness of the  world happiness report”. That’s all !

.“So there was a big void,” continues Van Mureille Boxem of Drax Hilton, “and the Ligue Mondiale pour le droit au bonheurdecided to fill it by awarding each year’s its Happy Clovers, Price Worldwide for the Right to Happiness” .

“For the first time, therefore, this year we will unveil our Awards of Golden Clovers during a gala evening to be held in the Domaine du Palladium in menton on the French Riviera on March 18, 2016, two days before the World Day for the Right to Happiness .

You might recall that the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 20 International Day of Happiness in its resolution 66/281 of 12 July 2012 recognizing that happiness and well-being are not only universal aspirations but should be taken into account in policy objectives. ”

“We selected the recipients of the award criteria in simple functions, obvious or less obvious sometimes. Celebrities or “mere mortals”, they all have something to teach us because they know how to be happy at all costs and make people happy around them. ”

“Angelina Jolie – Arnaud Lagardère – Matthieu Ricard –  … of course the World League for the Right to Happiness informed the recipients of its ranking. And will relate to as and their responses, their reactions and suggestions.


For their positive influence worldwide

Angelina Jolie

Matthieu Ricard


Arnaud Lagardère


The World League for the Right to Happiness also wanted this year to pay tribute to the Principality of Monaco and to those who live and generously contribute to improve the situation of others. She dedicates special prices.

– John Martinoti, founder of the World Music Awards, whose charitable actions are innumerable ( hôpitaux écoles, dispensaires) :  The World League for the Right to Happiness Award in the category “supports international talent”


– Franck Nicolas, president of the Nuit des Associations, which annually distributes donations to charities Monaco: The World League for the Right to Happiness Award in the category “Solidarity”


– Maule Bruna for the association « Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco »  in the category “generosity”  the World League for the Right to Happiness Award.


– Olivia Dorato young talented singer who performs regularly for the benefit of charitable actions:  The World League for the Right to Happiness  award in the category “Hope Monaco” by GEO


– The public Award ( in partnership with a surprise media)

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Anges Gardiens de Monaco

Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco : 10 ans de générosité.

L’Association caritative à but non lucratif « LES ANGES GARDIENS DE MONACO », créée depuis 10 ans par Bruna Maule Cassio, nourrit  chaque lundi plus de 400 personnes vivant dans les rues de Nice grâce à l’aide ses donateurs, restaurateurs de Monaco et Nice ; elle distribue sacs de couchages  et biens de première nécessité . Elle paye également  des nuits à l’hôtel pour les personnes qui sont en attente d’un logement, des loyers et des factures pour plusieurs familles nécessiteuses afin de les reloger ou bien d’éviter l’expulsion .

Bruna Maule. les Anges gardiens de Monaco

Bruna Maule. les Anges gardiens de Monaco

contact : Bruna Maule Cassio Et l’équipe

« Le Continental » (BLoc B – 3ème étage) Place des Moulins, 98000 MonacoPortable : Fixe :(+377) 93 50 45 39 poppy@monaco.mc


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