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Gala Romeo and Juliet ”  from Verona with Love “: An an evening with a heart ! and what else for  a gala placed under the sign of love ?

A surge of love from generous donors  showered with gifts the city of Verona.  The Councillor for Tourism Enrico Corsi has decided to redistribute all donations to the association “The Children for Peace “.

le coeur est mon alphabet de  sylvana gainier.jpg

My heart is an Alphabet” resin sculptur by  par Sylvana Gainier

Given the generosity of participants, Assessor of Tourism for  Verona, Mr Enrico Corsi , decided to distribute gifts given to the city to the charity “The Children for Peace “. The founding Vice President Lamia Khashoggi and the president of the association , Ms. Debra Mace, were very affected by this gesture. Soon will be organized  in Monaco a raffle with items offered by the city of Verona, to collect funds to support the activities of the association .

It is still time to donate items for the tombola  

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DANIELLE DONDE (Italy 1950) ,is the artist who has inventedof TRUE FAKES. He has generously donated one of his works, the Violin Romeo and Juliet. This violin from Cremona workshops , birthplace of the artist, reproduces the work of Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee,  Romeo and Juliet  .

webAwana gana receiving Violon from Donde from his representatives  Dott Massa and wife - copie.jpg

This violin from  Ateliers de Cremone, where Dondé was born, showcases a copy of  Romeo and Juliet by  Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee               .

violon Donde.JPG

The jeweler Valter Quilico , 17 av Annonciade, Monaco, offerer a gold and diamond ring ( 6.20 gr gold and 0.44 carats of white and black diamonds ) that can be modulated according to the good pleasure of those  wearing it in several versions, from  his new jewelry collection.

webMyriam Kaabech with ring by Valter Quillico - copie.jpg

Myriam Kaabeche et la bague de Valter Quillico

The pieces of the jewelry collection by Valter Quilico are easy to wear pieces of jewelry for at all hours of the day and night , between shopping and gala evenings .  

webEnrico corsi__Lamia Khashoggi_Awana Gana_Sylvana_gainier_debra Mace 26102013 - 0128 - copie.jpg

Enrico Corsi, Lamia Khashoggi,Awana Gana, reçoivent la sculpture de Sylvana Gainier avec Debra Mace

Sylvana Gainier has made a resin sculpture, ​​a tribute to Ljuba Rizzoli  . Ljuba Rizzoli is pleased to offer this unique piece to the Children for Peace . “The fun and colorful appearance of Sylvana Gainier’s creation evokes the naive and iconolaste work of Niky de St Phalle and poetic recycling of the New Realists ,” says Ljuba .

web sculpture coeur alphabet sylvana gainier Lamia Khashoggi - copie.jpg

Lamia Khashoggi avec Sylvana Gainier et la Sculpture ” le coeur et une écriture”

“The favorite materials for her  compositions, are a constellation of inclusions of gold and silver powder, scoubidous , beads, legos , sequins, miniature sculpture, children’s balloons, necklaces, brooches, confetti, pebbles, garlands, pieces of jewelry, stained glass, buttons, metal sponge … indeed an  endless inventory evoking childhood and freshness. I am pleased to offer the Children for Peace this sculpture made in homage to love and that Sylvana has done for me as a commissioned work “»

le coeur est mon alphabet de  sylvana gainier2.jpg

le coeur est un alphabet de Sylvana Gainier

Blouson Dior in knitted mink offered by Baronne Marianne Brandstetter

blouson dior vison tricote.jpg


Painting Lilith by Michele Coppola

web LILITH di Michele Coppola - copie.jpg


“Lilith is considered the first woman in the mythology , even before  Adam and Eve. She is of fundamental importance in the Assyrian, Babylonian and Egyptian cultures. I wanted to enrich this work with some signs from the Treaty of Kadesh (the first international treaty in history between the Egyptians and the Hittites ) , and other signs from the Code of Hammurabi, the first code of History of Private Law … Lilith is ” Great Mother ” of the Mediterranean culture”.

100×70 cm. Blue colourn, , enriched with lapis lazuli from Afghanistan , is the same as that used by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel .

MICHELE COPPOLA studied at Sorrento. In Tuscany he discovers the historic centers of Roman history. He is passionate about  symbolism .

Italien desinger Antonio Grimaldi

lamia designer grimaldi - copie.jpg

Italian designer Antonio Grimaldi (as seen here with Lamia Khashoggi) offered this in black and white  coat, wool and silk lace encrusted, embroidered with precious stones and crystals for the silent auction dedicated to The Children for Peace

antonio grimaldi 2013-10-09 à 12.45.30.png

Antonio Grimaldi . Combining craftsmanship and innovation, Antonio Grimaldi rethinks the concept of feminine beauty in an international style, meeting the expectations of a lover of exclusive audience of Haute Couture.‎

antonio grimaldi.JPG