Verona give its heart to The Children For Peace

Gala Romeo and Juliet from Verona with Love : glowing generosity for the city of Verona.

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Gala Romeo and Juliet ”  from Verona with Love “: An an evening with a heart ! And what else for  a gala placed under the sign of love ?  A surge of love from generous donors who showered with gifts the city of Verona.  The Councillor for Tourism Enrico Corsi has decided to redistribute all donations to the association “The Children for Peace “.

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Given the generosity of participants, Assessor for Tourism Verona, Mr Enrico Corsi decided to distribute gifts to the city to the charity “The Children for Peace ” association. The founding Vice President Lamia Khashoggi and the president of the association , Ms. Debra Mace were very affected by gesture , and soon will be organized in Monaco a raffle with items offered by the city of Verona, to collect funds to support the activities of the association .

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Enrico Corsi Awana gana receiving Violon from Dondé from his representatives Dott Massa and wife.

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Enrico Corsi, Lamia Khashoggi, Awana Gana,Sylvana Gainieret Debra Mace

If you are willing to make donation,

The Children for Peace ONLUS Unicredit Banca  Account Number: 040764054                            IBAN: IT 61 T 02008 01136 000040764054    SWIFT CODE UNCRITM1AD6

The Children for Peace ( Onlus ) “Children for Peace” is an Italian NGO founded to help children around the world who need help to survive. Numerous studies and humanitarian reports have been made, all of which have very similar results : there is a lack of focus on the basic needs that will enable these children to change their working conditions and the lives of their families. ” Our goal,” explains Debra Mace, president of the association , ” is to bring hope to children through education and the pursuit of realistic goals. We know that the only way to overcome adversity is to confront it,head on and take all necessary measures to create change. All donations received go directly to projects that help us fund  We not pay salaries or overhead costs except for annual fees paid to our accounting firm, which is filing all required documents to the government in Italy. We are in Ethiopia, Mali, the Palestinian Territories and the border between Syria and Jordan, in the refugee camp of Al Za ‘ atari in the desert  .