Vitala international scam company uses an other scam company, to slander its victims

Vitala international scam company uses an other scam company, swindler to slander, threaten, bully and harass its victims.

Ripoff report is… reported a scam on consumeraffairs 

My story with them started when I discovered some fake complaints on  ripoff reports, about some friends that I have been knowing for years, and… about myself.

Well some unknown persons that i never heard for, whom you cannot find on  any search engines except for on ripoff report, who is unknown anywhere else in the blogosphere, wrote a very unfriendly report about me.

This very unfriendly report was related to my friend Lisa Laterza,  who also has been harassed by unknown people on ripoff report.

Strangely enough this bad fake reviews just show up after Mr Laterza and her business partner has started seeing Vitala Group with their lawyers, for scam and extorsion, and after I started inquiring about those scammers and conmen, and published all the reviews you can find here on this website.

Of course all the informations that i provide can be  ( and should be) double checked .

More strangely, the Ripoff Reports that concern me has been written just a few days after i tried to contact Vitala group to get some explanations about the informations they provide on their website.  By the way, they never gave any sensible answer.

fake complaint ripoff by unknown Kerry Losey. none bearing this name is to be found on the internet. No company of the name :The is to be found in New York.

fake complaint on ripoff report by Vitala’s accomplices, unknown Kerry Losey. none bearing this name is to be found on the internet. No company of the name :The is to be found in New York.


I was so surprised to read this fake report that i tried    

1/ to find informations about the person who write it : Got absolutely no results.  This si strange, ain’t it,   nowadays, when anyone has a blog, website, Facebook, Twitter  or linked in pages.

Nothing about this “Kerry Losey.” or the The  in New york !

Now all of a sudden another fake ripoff report pages pops up, posted by another unknown individual  which id on ripoff report website is “blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom”

whatever that means.

the funny thing is that this stupid complaint accuses me of… doing my work !

I am a journalist and we also run a tv production company,  TendanceTV, as well as PR company.  So i do not understand what ‘s wrong with it !

Anyway this is this new page !

2/ to use Ripof Report’s rebuttal services. they never publish your  rebuttals.

3/ I checks the web for blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom.  Not much show up. just 2 more complains on Ripoff report ( the guy seems to be an addict ! ).

one more fake ripoff report by unknown person : blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom

one more fake ripoff report by unknown person : blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom

one more fake ripoff report by unknown person : blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom

one more fake ripoff report by unknown person : blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom

Well if you ever happen to know who and where to find  

blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom

let us know

Anyway, google maps does not know the locations



southampton alabama united kingdom does not exist

southampton alabama united kingdom does not exist


Complaint Review: Lisa Laterza

If you have time to loose just try to make search about the people who have filed ripoff reports about Lisa Laterza or Saad Boudemagh, or myself. None of them are to  be found nowhere on the web. They are all fakes ID used by Vitala Group and their partners  to ruin the reputations of the victims that are seeing them !

  • Reported By: Beatrice — Alabama Italy
  • Reported By: Ms Kerry Loseh Vice President The Dial., Inc — New York New York USA

Rexxfield Internet Law Research has published a short 3 minute video demonstrating how the Google AdWords® business unit has banned advertising for due to “Unacceptable Business Practices”. The findings give rise to other questions however:

(Why is Google AdChoices® business unit sharing revenue with RipOffReport by distributing advertisements through their appalling website?

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Ripoff Report is a Criminal Extortion SCAM! Total Proof!

Here is the story  about Ed Magedson, the criminal extortionist behind

“Anyone can put up a site and demand extortion. But it’s highly unethical and an obvious scam. And it’s a loser way to make money as well. Such people have no ethics, conscience, morals and are sociopaths and criminals. That’s exactly what Ed Magedson is.”

…. Basically, he set up to EXTORT money from people unethically. When someone posts a complaint, it can never be removed, even if the poster requests or demands it. Instead, they are referred to an arbitration program that costs thousands of dollars! That is pure extortion. There is no logical reason to ask a poster to pay thousands of dollars just to remove his own post on a website. Legitimate sites allow the poster to remove their own posts, or will gladly remove it per their request.”

This guy’s story is a very good example on how the ripoff report scam works :

I emailed RipoffReport asking them to remove my reports at:

They did not respond. Instead, they expect you to pay thousands for their arbitration program. Here is how it works, according to their site. Note the part in bold.

NOW, THiS IS THE REAL SCAM : look at what the ripoff reports proposes you :

“Here’s how it works. We have contracted with private arbitrators who have extensive experience, including experienced judges in court. Once the program builds momentum, we will add other highly qualified arbitrators to our panel. You submit a written arbitration statement identifying the false statements in the report, or explaining that the report was posted by a competitor pretending to be a customer. You are also given the opportunity to support your position with documented evidence and/or sworn affidavits. There is a filing fee of $2,000 to pay for the arbitrator’s time and for administration of the program. The author of the report is then given the opportunity to respond and you are given the opportunity to reply.”

They just want you to pay $2,000 just to remove a post that takes seconds to delete ! What a RIPOFF! (pardon the pun) This guy Ed Magedson is dreaming. What low class scum.

Finally, for some damning and incriminating info about Ed Magedson, see this website about his criminal activities, arrests (with scanned documents and police reports) and $20,000 reward offered for his whereabouts so that he can be served in court.

The obvious truth is that Ed Magedson is a criminal extortion scammer and a low scum, not that he can’t verify who the author of a report is.




More testimonial &bout ripoff report is a scam

mike of Flushing, NY on 

The Ripoff Report makes fake posts about people and companies then try to extort you for 3 grand to take you off the site. My name is Michael ** and ripoff report posted many fake posts about me. Not one of these so called people used a real name because they are not real. I refuse to pay them 3 grand to take the lies about me off their site. Google the ripoff report and see they are the scammers. The owner is wanted by the FBI for extortion and fraud. Once you are put on that site it goes to number 1 spot when someone googles your name so not cool.

I really don’t care what they wrote and I’m definitely not stupid enough to pay them 3 grand to take me off their site but hey if they are a site saving people from scammers then why would they let the scammer pay their way off the site??? Shouldn’t they want that info to stay forever so no one gets scammed by these people instead of letting the scammer pay his way off so he can continue scamming people. That just doesn’t make sense.

The internet is so full of lies. People with no lives and nothing to do will read a post they have nothing to do with and just so they can conversate with other people they add their 2 cents in and write up a fake post when they dont even know me or anything about me. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET LIVES BUT HEY KARMA IS A **. IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU IN THE ASS.


Alzaman/Dakhla project is a hoax : another Vitala/big Bad Wolf Vierich Scam

Alzaman/Dakhla project is a hoax : another Vitala/big Bad Wolf Vierich Scam, run by a dormant company, Injazz invest, with a capital of 100€ (One hundred euros).

First rule for a journalist : look for reliable sources.

after i have seen on Vitala group scam website the following project :

hoax Alzaman Dakhla vitala group scam website

hoax Alzaman Dakhla vitala group scam website

I have started googling and looking for update informations on the search engines on the internet, about this fabulous development project: ” Alzaman is the name of a Pharaonic city project planned in 2024 in the Moroccan desert near the town of Dakhla. The city will cover 70 square kilometers and will be dedicated to the mixture of cultures, peace and the future of humanity. Adventure and the future, in addition to medical and academic areas.
The land of the project supported by the Swiss company Injaz Invest would have been offered by Morocco. City of Alzaman welcome nearly 400,000 inhabitants.

Well, on the official Tourims office of Morocco, nothing about such a huge project. just a few lines about Dakhla, which is famous for surfing. That’s all !

Informations about Dakhla on the website of Marrocco Tourism office

Informations about Dakhla on the website of Marocco Tourism office

text says :


Dakhla region Oued Ed-Dahab is simply characterized by a rich cultural, human, and natural history but also exceptional. It has a vast desert, plains, mountains and oases, home to rare fauna and flora and diverse, and many historically significant sites as an important archaeological heritage of this region. The area is bounded to the south by the region of Eddakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab, north by the region of Guelmim-Oued Noun, east Mauritania and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The region of Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra home to 367,758 people or 1.1% of the national population dispersed over area of 142 865 km2. It is the southernmost and largest region of Morocco. Still called the gate of Morocco sub-Saharan Africa, is almost empty but rich in historical events area that attract many archaeologists from the region, one can still discover some sites, writings, engravings or even remains as monoliths, which are there to witness the passage of man there for hundreds of years.


So i insisted and finally got in touch with a journalist for a moroccan magazine. this is a copy of the emails we have exchanged

—– Mail transféré —–
De : Mohamed Ezzouak <>
À : “” <>
Cc : “” <>
Envoyé le : Vendredi 7 octobre 2016 0h54
Objet : Re: [Message d’un lecteur]: contact

Hi Stephanie                                                                                                                   There is no project in Dakhla for this company.
It was just a hoax as we write on our article.

Email de l’expéditeur:
Sujet: contact
Nom: boy
Prénom: stephanie

Message : hello, I am a journalist and i make an inquiry about Vitala group. this company advertises on the internet some very important projects, and I suspect they are crooks. This is the reason why i am looking for more informations about the projects they describe as having been financed but them in your country, as you can see on their website I am wondering if you or some people in the tourism industry in your country has heard of this Vitala Group, and done any successful business with them please have a look at their website and let me know if you know about them and their supposed projects. have a good day. Stéphanie BOY Vitala Group | Global Projects DHAKLA , CITY OF PEACE, MOROCCO ALZAMAN Project – 100 km² new resort area comprising: Waterworld, Small Morocco, One Thousand and One Nights, Future City, Leisure Park. The centre is represented by the historic part – shaped like the globe.
Formulaire de contact

“Marocainement vôtre”

Mohamed Ezzouak
tél : +212.522.238.842
mob : +212.660.338.219

After i came across this adamant description on the web, by  a so called sheikh al naimi  who is the project developper and a partner of Vitala Group, who said : Somebody try to pollute the name of Dr. Wolf Vierich and the Vitala Group… I have excellent experience with Dr. Wolf and the Vitala Group. I work with the more than Four years and till now Dr. Wolf performed what he promises also he met the Ministers and the Important Influence People in much Country’s with me and left a very good impression in their mind… He is very Professional in this Part and he has already arranged the Investment for my Project exactly what he said. So please stop this Bullshit propaganda about him because IT IS NOT TRUTH and I am very happy to work with him and the Vitala Group.) Sheikh Al Nuaimi. Injazinvest

I wondered if I could find any updated information about Injaz Invest company. Well this what I found. Injazz invest was incorporated in England in 2009 with a capital of … 100 € (yes one hundred euros). The capital consists of 100 share each of then with a value of 1 € ( one euro). 


injazz invest capital is 100 € ( one hundred euros), with a capital of 100 ( one hundred) shares of 1 (one) euros each.

since 01 Feb 2011it is a dormant company  as you can check here View PDF

One can indeed wonder what is the value of such testimonials: when you have a dormant company, with a capital of 100€ (one hundred euros) assessing that Vitala Group has provided financing for a ghostly project lost in the desert sands !

sequel 1  :  Szentes Vitala scam in Hungary by Big Bad Wolf Vierich                       

sequel 2  :  Vitala group scam and conman big Bad Wolf Vierich                      

sequel 3 : City Paradise city Korea  mr Mr Chan Seog Park ripped off by vitala Group / Wolf Vierich scam                                                                                           

sequel 4  International scam company : Vitala group by Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman

sequel 5 A scam in the scam : iBP corp proposal with Vitala Group and Big bAd Wolf Vierich conman

sequel 6 Castillo Flamingo : nightmare in Costa Rica With Vitally Grouo Scam and Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman

sequel 7 Acquarossa Spa/another Vitala Group Scam in Ticino, Switzerland/ Swiss press reports

the Acquarossa SPA : another Vitala Group Scam, inquired by swiss press

Another fake successful project listed on Vitala group web page: the Acquarossa SPA.

Today after 11 years,  it is still a project, and the owners are still looking for funding after years of work and fake promisses form the Vitala Group.  There has been tv reports as well as articles published in the swiss press about the “ghostly” Vitala group.

I spoke on the telephone mid  october 2016 with Mr  Andreas Schweitzer who is still the owner of the planned project. He has confirmed he has lost money time and reputation with Vitala group. He felt very sorry and sounded almost guilty, strangely enough. But this is quite normal for victims of conmen to feel it is their own fault. While in fact, as we have explained on our first article, conmen and scammers are so smart that everybody can be a victim.

You can see the informations on the web, here for the TV report

In this tv report,  the journalists have been inquiring about the activities of the Vitala Group. They event travelled to england where they discovered the office of this supposedly worldwide active group is just a mailbox   in a small office in London suburbs.

the italalian Magazine  La Regione Ticino from Augut-st 31, 2011 states

traduction of the article :

“Aquarossa terme SA has finished all contacts with Vitala Group”.

« We worked with them as we did work with other companies. They have helped us to elaborate the business plan, and we paid them for their work. Now each of us is going its own way… says Ashoob Cook owner of the SA. This divorce from the « international company » which was supposed to  find the necessary millions needed to build the project, is  a real relief !

Our newspaper has sent journalist to inquire in 3  of the tens of countries  were Vitala had supposedly many projects underway : it ended with very strange results…

Starting with Germany, where Vitala says ongoing projects in no less than nine cities. In Wiesbaden they would work on a 180-room hotel. A project we continue on Vitala’s  site, by clicking the red cross flag for Switzerland, there are two references, one to the Terms of Acquarossa and the other for a hotel of 280 rooms in Geneva Airport. After our  investigations in the city of Calvin, we found  nobody has ever heard the name of Vitala: “We are not aware of a project for a hotel of this size in the area of the airport. Maybe someone has spoken once. What is certain is that we far from any something concrete ” said an official of the Directorate of permits for construction. And the Federal Office of Civil Aviation denies the existence of the project described on the website of Vitala in Geneva. “After searching with my specialist, I can confirm – writes an officer of the Federal Administration – we never received information on plans for this  type of hotel near Geneva airport. “

thought  local authorities should be aware ! ” No, we do not know nothing  about such a project ». That is the answer of the Town Hall.

At Lery Poses, in the French department of Eure (Normandy) known for its beautiful villages and castles typical, Vitala said they are engaged in the financing of a leisure park with 18 hole golf course, 300-room hotel, 90 apartments, three restaurants, shooting range and artificial lake. “We already have a golf course, there would be no need to do another, ” said a politician responsible of the municipality. “Vitala? I do not know this company,” he adds.

Back to Ticino, the first and only time that the  Vitala “multinational” showed up there, was in a meeting, along  with a dozen people. And our fellow journalists from OIAF who fetched Vitala  in London in their headquarters,  broke their nose on a small house, lost in the sad outskirts  west of the city, which serves as letter box for tens of offshore companies.  On this occasion, it was impossible for the journalists  to meet the leaders or spokesmen of ghostly Vitala group.

The article is clear.

The investigation was followed  by Swiss television  RSI in its report on Acquarossa, which you can see here.

You  also can contact RSI TV here

 Liliana Canetti Assistente alla produzione Redazione “Falò”

Informazione RSI tel.  +41(0) 91 803 51 05 fax  +41(0) 91 803 56 91

The owners of the Acquarossa SPA project are  still  looking for funding. You can contact them here.

acquarossa SPA project: the owners

acquarossa SPA project: the owners

Ashoobgar Cook and  Andreas Schweitzer

Siège social: ACQUAROSSA TERME SA. 6716 Acquarossa Svizzera

ACQUAROSSA TERME SA Seestrasse 1. 6330 Cham. ZG, Schweiz +41 79 211 65 60


Costa Rica “Castillo Flamingo ” nightmare, another Vitala Scam by big Bd Wolf Vierich

Costa Rica “Castillo Flamingo ” nightmare, another Vitala Scam by big Bd Wolf Vierich

A testimonial by George Aaron : “it was my white horse”

[21/10/2016 20:28:28] George Aron: Yes, he cost me 10k for 1class airfare, hotel etc. When he arrived. We had meeting in my office with him and my team. Thats when he hit me for 160,000 to study my studies etc. Thats when i realized it was scam . 

I was lucky to get LOI out of him because he was under impression     that i would send him more money after i get the LOI.

Yes, i did file and register complain with English police but never heard from them.

[21/10/2016 20:36:49] George Aron: The LOI  i send you is the best scam proof that one can have on Vitala and biggest nail for the coffin. Good luck..

Keep in mind that thanks to Vitala i went bankrupt and lost all my investment in Costa Rica worth at the time more then 7MM plus. Today I am almost 68 years old and have 5000 dollars to my name and no income or retirement… All thanks to Vitala scam.

[22/10/2016 23:15:43] George Aron: they also had my project as financed on their website. Few people called me asking about Vitala and I was able to saved them. Then later, after they found out that people calling me, Vitala took my project of the website. 😉

[23/10/2016 12:55:16] George Aron: Once he show up in CR and we had first official meeting and was listening his bullshit for the first time. He hit me for the 160k saying that all my official studies are no good for him, he will have to do new ones for 160k. Aha, first 10k, then 160k and it will keep going up and will never end once he has you hooked etc. Very smart scam…..

Keep focusing that i got LOI for 20mm and he never went to see the property. SCAM..

No, I am not afraid of VG… Yes, I have a bomb proof that nobody else has.                                                          “Certified LOI for 20,000,000$” without even seeing the property!!!! (I only ask for 5-6M to begin with)  🙂

Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 1 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman

Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 1 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman


Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 2 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman

Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 2 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman

Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 3 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman

Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 3 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman

This is a great testimonial, because it clearly shows the method used but vitala group for their scam.

George Aaron with Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman, from vitala Group international Scam company

George Aaron with Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman, from vitala Group international Scam company


First they guarantee : “no  upfront fee”.

But the minute customers are hooked Vitala  writes that “all documentation has to be approved by Vitala” and  “the finance search is subject to the completion of this documentation by Vitala Group companies”…  and of course all those work and certification has to be paid for by customer.

This is the scam.

Want to have details : 

VITALA Group scam – conman Big Bad Wolf Vierich.

Beware. You might well end being the last victim of  the Big Bad Wolf Vierich and its worldwide professional scam network, Vitala Group.

This is the first article in a coming series.

Want to have details : 


The  Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group fraud that we are going to describe has been going on for such long time, and involves so many countries and companies and people that it is impossible to describe and explain the scam in  only one short article. 

There will be many sequels to this first  episode.

Firstaid:  brief overview about scammers and their victims.

For more precisions, have a look at this website http://fraudaid.comIt states it very clearly  :  From the Powerful to the Powerless, no one is immune from a good scammer… silence  is fraud’s best friend.  Word of mouth is fraud’s worst enemy.  Pass the word!™

The web site puts i make it very bluntly : from the Powerful to the Powerless, no one is immune from a good scammer… and strangely enough  «  Only a very small percentage of people ever report a fraud theft or identity theft, and so the numbers appear small. »…which allows conman and scammers to go unpunished !

last but not least, let’s quote  Annie McGuire website founder : « Silence is fraud’s best friend.  Word of mouth is fraud’s worst enemy.  Pass the word!TM You and me, we can stop fraud. All it takes to stop fraud is awareness »

Vitala Group and Big Bad Wolf Vierich : International scam strategy

it’s a basic in our modern times… it all starts with a website

As explained in Fraud Aid , « con artists count on your deep down willingness to believe what you hear, your desire to trust.  Humans have an intense need to believe in magic… Financial con artists are highly intelligent and ambitious. Like it is the case with any serial criminal, each scammer’s modus operandi seldom changes…The pattern may vary a little, but the basic scheme remains the same. There is a fixed, recognizable pattern that the swindler uses over and over again, from city to city and country to country ». Let’s discover together how this applies to Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group website, built to showcase  « golden opportunities turned into success ».

Here  is the Vitala Group scam plot unveiled !

1 : they make you believe they are big and you can trust them. They are a « Group » not a simple single company…  they are  supposedly leading companies  in their field  of activity ».

2 :  to confort this page they list all the sectors in which they supposedly are experts : from debt funding to joint ventures, to protect loans, they really sound impressive, ain’t them ?

3  : then comes the trump card written big on the PROJECT FINANCE SEARCH – APPLICATION page at

“We do not charge up-front fees”

Yes. you read it right : they clearly state and assume « We charge a percentage success fee only upon an applicant accepting finance through The Vitala Group, at the applicant’s sole discretion ».

It costs nothing !!! Miracle !!! finally you have found the only honest people int the financing business. And not only are they honest, but they stand at the top and deal only with the big guys like you

« We do not accept finance applications for less than a minimum US $5 million equivalent, per project application »

It is all said

Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam  are strong, Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam are successful, Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam are honest, Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam get « paid only by commission » on raised moneys… and most of all Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam are so important that only important guys like you can work with them : they do not not accept finance applications for less than a minimum US $5 million equivalent. mind you !

And at this point you are hooked…

How does fraud work ?

«  The function of a scam is always to sway present action toward future hopes.   Frank Walker, CFE »

Like all con artists , Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam know that anyone can be a victim. They target  smart people, like me and you,  who are convinced only other people get swindled.  Once scammers have identified you as a target, they will do everything to convince you that you can entirely trust them without question, and they will use their arsenal to manipulated you into believing in their well woven illusions. The bigger your project (remember no project  under 5 millions us $ will be accepted by Big Bad Wol Vierich), the trickiest the Vitala Grouo Scam will be.

Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam arsenal of psychological manipulation

First on the list : they move into the position of supreme power.

This is achieved through a series or orders, which only target is to make you feel week and being slave to « your master’s voice ». No matter how powerful you may be in real life.

Everything in Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam ’s website is oriented into making you feel you are nothing  and they have are the bosses.

Then you have to « comply » to their rules, if you want them to condescend to consider if they might be willing to help you find your financing partners. Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam do not accept  finance applications for less than 5 millions US $…

And  to make you further realize how important, trustful  and long lasting Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam are, they insist « As we currently receive around 500 to 600 project finance applications monthly, we are unable to discuss each application with a prospective developer, either by phone or in separate meetings, before a project site visit has been arranged. Instead we work with a well proven procedure of evaluation of projects, tested over the last 33+ year period in the international investment markets. »

Items specific to fraud  in Big’s Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam website.

It would be a long and cumbersome task to list all the items in Big’s Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam website, that are specific to fraud plots.

Secrecy comes first : « You have to sign a confidentiality / non-disclosure / before you might be lucky enough to have them consider working for you ».

Then follows  and  endless list of fake and convoluted references, filled with inaccuracy, vagueness and no detailed contacts toi refer to four checking.

Most of the related projects  are based in exotic or far away countries, where people speak all kind of foreign languages : Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, China… not withstanding  Algeria, Bahrein, Brazil, Cambodia, Cape Verde Islands, Costa Rica, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary,  Ethiopia,  Japan, Madagascar, Marocco, Peru, Nigeria, Spain, Switzerland, Syria (!!!), Tanzania, Trinidad,Turkey, Turkmenistan, Usa, Yemen, Zambia …

The projects listed as “successfully financed” by  Big Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam,  go from « financing of 10-30 transport stations. Financing of approx. 20-40 large buses. Modern rest stations / motel units / lodges » to « 212 acres, Bach Ma National Park resort, golf, hotel, leisure centre, convention centre », through « Recreation of an authentic Scandinavian village, with landscaped support structure » or «  Casino Resort: Apartments, hotel, casino, recreation areas, gas station, convenience stores », and «  The largest waterpark in the Middle East owned and operated by the Ruler of Umm Al Quwain – operational consultancy » or « ECO theme resort project, leisure, 464 room hotel, 3800 seat convention centre, waterpark, dance/rock/concert arena for 12,500 participants », not withstanding «  the Damascus 1.2 million m2 Leisure City, with large traditional markets, mosque, hotels, chalets, theme park, landscaping, 5,000 housing plots, infrastructure, creation of a lake. (Total site design area = 6.8m m2) ».

Need more ?  Just dream about Daejeon ( Korea) 1.2 million m2 Leisure City, with large traditional markets, mosque, hotels, chalets, theme park, landscaping, 5,000 housing plots, infrastructure, creation of a lake. (Total site design area = 6.8m m2), or  « in Romania, Development and Project Financing of the US$400 Million, Health / Wellness Convention Resort in Sibiu Region », and «  Lagos  Nigeria Establishment of a group of 6 trading companies, involved in export, hotels, resorts, trading, camp and hospital management, and commercial transport leasing »… the tiresomely long list goes on : « Dhakla a Morocco 100 km² new resort area comprising: Waterworld, Small Morocco, One Thousand and One Nights, Future City, Leisure Park », mongolia «  « Shonkhor Tower Water Park Sports Complex. A convention Tower Hotel containing offices, apartments and sports facilities. »,or Arivomimano ,  Madagascar :  the 4th largest island in the world. This is the location for a 316.28 acre Horse Farm and Leisure Centre Resort Project, comprising: an 18 Hole golf course, golf driving range, a public race course, equestrian centre, stables, casino, children’s zoo, agricultural farms, horse breeding facilities and recuperation facilities. ».

So much informations provided, with no way to check the veracity of the facts, make your head spin.

This is on purpose : flooding your mind with so much  data is part of the scam strategy. NOBODY checks. It is too complicated. Especially as the details given on Big’s Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam website are scarce, blurred and so unclear that it took us weeks to gather some REAL FACTS, starting form the listed stories on the global projects

The swindlers  plot : sway present action toward future hopes and past rewards !

Mesmerizing you, bewitch you, influence you so you take for true and granted their erroneous mental representation

On the long list of uncheckable assessments on Big’s Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam website, you’ll stumble upon this text, but again, without any actual mean to check the reality of the statement :

“We also comply with:

– the USA Investment Advisory Act 1940
– the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
– the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002
– US Federal Money Laundering regulations under US banking regulations
– the Financial Services & Markets Act (FSMA) 2000
– the Dodd-Frank Act 2010 (Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act)
– the Law on Investment and Enterprises 2014″

While the “who we are page”, Big’s Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam website states : « With global development projects completed, in over 100 countries, since 1983, we specialise in financing projects from inception right through operations. This includes project financing, acquisitions, mergers, buy-outs and joint ventures ».

And on their Global Project page  all kind off impressive announcements  are falsehood and lies aimed at luring you into blindly trusting  Big’s Bad Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group scam. The pictures used on this page are fake or inappropriate, and do not correspond to reality. and as usual, no contact no email no telephone no dress so one could check the facts.

Last but nos least this page of testimonials is listing some strange letters which are related to no  websites, no real down to hearth reality, no email, nothing you can check.

This is all smoke to blind you.. and I just cannot believe it : they even use a letter that they have sent to me !

 VITALA Group scam by conman Big Bad Wolf Vierich. fake testimonial

VITALA Group scam by conman Big Bad Wolf Vierich. fake testimonial

But this letter means absolutely nothing !!!!  I have checked: Mr Klaus Kurenbach is currently  part of the vitala group, as you can check on his Linked in profile  is testimonial this has absolutely no value… his “Premium Invest Concept looks also very gloomy

klaus kurenbach part of vitala group scam, on linked in

klaus kurenbach part of vitala group scam, on linked in

and his linked website does not really looks like an international financing  site ! and you will not find on internet search any other programs or activitymr Mr Klaus Kurenbach and his  premium invest concept are related to.