Caught in Vitala’s scam spiderweb

Caught in Vitala’s scam

The first striking remark is that although Vitalagroup scam company advertises ” no upfront fees” , contracts ( here below copy of the financial agreement for Maghreb inbox plant ) state – mobilisation fee ( whatever that means)  will be 35% of the total contract fee of 398 000 US$

WAOW ! Expensive for a “no upfront fee promise !

vitala  scam application form pretending "we charge no upfront fee"

vitala scam application form pretending “we charge no upfront fee”

In fact, Big Bad Wolf Vierich astute trick is to charge these fees for ” feasibility studies. Now remember Big Bad Wolf Vierich’s Vitala group states: no loan will be asked for  before studies are double checked by Vitala Group ! 

This is how and why they capture customers, luring them into thinking the  Vitala feasibility Studies will be of such a good quality that they guarantee the loans will be automatically accepted but the banks.

As explained in our previous article here,  this condition should be considered as perfectly illegal ( in french, this what is called a not written deemed  Clause in a contract, clause réputée non écrite), because Vitala group can not be both judge and party.


“no upfront fee” Maghreb inox payments scheduled by Vitala Group international scam Company and Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman, scamming Saad Boudemagh Group


details “no upfront fee” Maghreb inox payments scheduled by Vitala Group international scam Company and Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman, scamming Saad Boudemagh Group


Maghreb inbox Vitala scam group agreement ripoff versus Saad Boudemagh group

So as explained in our previous article, Vitala  and Saad  Boudemagh’s Group  sign a contracts on december 2014,  for Algeria RELIZANE  MAGHREB INOX PROJET plant and  for Ouargla cattle farm.

And  from this very minute, Big Bad Wolf Vierich keeps insisting on the facts that only documents approved but his team can be sent to lenders, because vitala group will stand as a backup guarantee. THIS IS THE VITALA SCAM SPIDERWEB

Well one should also notice this line in the contrat : Vitala should never be a partner… but as the story goes it did indeed become a partner later on ! Breach of contract !

Algeria steel plantSaad boudemagh : Vitala-cannot be a partner

Algeria steel plant by Saad boudemagh : Vitala-cannot be a partner`


23/12/2014 : Ouargla  signed contract specificly insists on the fact tant Big Bad Wolf Vierich will finance the project before october 2015, prove idea the loan is accepted by Algeria Central bank.

financial agreement Ouargla vitala scamming Saad Boudemagh's group

financial agreement Ouargla vitala scamming Saad Boudemagh’s group

here below, again, you can check that Vitala group scam company  “no upfront free” is indeed the equivalent of 169 000 US$ contract fee + 7 X 44 000 US$ monthly fee

Ouargla contract Vitala scamming Saad Boudemagh fees and charges details

Ouargla contract Vitala scamming Saad Boudemagh fees and charges details

29/12/2014 : Big Bad Wolf Vierich insists he wants to add more land to the Ouargla  project

31/12/2014 : Saad Boudemagh’s Group sends press releases about the difficult situation in Ouargla, farm land wise.

06/01/2015 : Saad Boudemagh’s Group underline how urgent and important it is to respect deadlines for the loan.

09/01/2015 : Saad Boudemagh’s Group receive first invoice from vitala Group

12/01/2015 : payment of the first invoice is confirmed by Gibraltar bank on the personnel account of Wolf Vierich

Then months after month  payments are done on Vitala Group international scam bank account.

11/05/2015: Vitala Group proposes to become legal advisor for the Ouagla project, just  as thyy did for  Maghreb Inox.

30/09/2015: Vitala Group scam company ask for a certification  of Mr Boudeamgh’ s personal fortune, though they insist on their website FAQ that this will never be asked for.

10/09/2015:  Saad Boudemagh’s group decides to stop all negotiations and work with vitala group international scam company for  MAGHREB INOX and Ouargal Farming project

Then follows a long and cumbersome list of negotiations which finally ended for Saad Boudemagh’s Group loss of 1.1 millions US $, which lead to the denunciation of Vitala Group Scam in front of Algerian authorities

All ot  the feasibility Studies  provided by Vitala Scam Groupo soon appeared to be complete unprofessional and useless




deadline were never respected

27/08/2015 :  Saad Boudemagh’s Group and insistedtaht october 2015 was definitely deadline to stras the works  and they had put   700,000, 00 US$ of their own money in advance of the loan witch was suppose dot arrive in december

02/09/2015 : Saad Boudemagh group asks Vitala how come all the proposed loans were croockery.


10/09/2015 : Vierich declare he is wealthy ( mind you ! ) ; Vitala sends another fake loan proposal also crockery .

Here below copies of the accountant study demonstrating that Vitala Groupo feasibility studies if full of inaccuracy, making them absolutely unreliable.

Remember that Vitala has charged  the equivalent of 169 000 US$ contract fee + 7 X 44 000 US$ monthly fee for that useless work

feasability-ouargla-inacuracy-vitala feasibility-ouragla-croockery ouargla-vitala-inacuracy-corp-production viatla-inacuracy-expertise-memorandum vitala-expertiser-innacuracy-budget-ouargla vitala-inacuratcy-expertise-accountant-conclusion-vitala-is-a-scam vitala-inacuratcy-expertise-fake-inflation-algeria vitala-inacuratcy-expertise-follow-up-2 vitala-inacuratcy-expertise-follow-up


Saad Boudemagh suing Wolf Vierich & Vitala Group for scam, swindle and fraud.

Mr Saad Boudemagh is suing Vitala group  and Wolf Vierich for swindle and fraud.

It all started 2 years ago from now,  on  26/10/2014, like  2 valid business projects. Saad Boudemagh, international tycoon, born in Algeria and living between Monaco, Miami, Algeria, Geneva and Paris, got acquainted with Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group, about a steel plant and a cattle farm to be built in Algeria

Little did he know that he should have run away from him, as this would cost him time and money !

Strangely enough, as off today, november 18th 2016, Wolf Vierich keeps showcasing the 2 projects on his Vitala  scam website, and using them for advertising his supposed ” know how”. This  although Mr Boudemagh has cancelled his contract with Vitala and is suing Wolf Vierich and his Vitala ripoff group in Algeria and England for scamming. And strangely enough, Wolf Vierich at the same time tries to slander Mr Saad Boudemagh on scam websites such as and  ( those  2 websites propose to erase all the threads slandering you provided … you pay them a hefty sum….  this is just blackmail, frankly speaking).


Saad Boudemagh’s Algeria projects still listed on-Vitala group scam location-page as of today november 2016

algeria ouargla from Saad boudemagh group on international project 13 on vitala scam group page

algeria ouargla from Saad boudemagh group on international project 13 on vitala scam group page as of today november 2016


Wolf Vierich slanders Saad Boudemagh on ripoff website

Wolf Vierich slanders Saad Boudemagh on ripoff website

ripoff report backmailing fees to repair your repoutation

ripoff report backmailing fees to repair your reputation blackmail: if you pay they will erase the threads that are slandering you !! blackmail: if you pay they will erase the threads that are slandering you !!

A bit of a  schizoid attitude for Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman !


13/11/2014: Big Bad Wolf Vierich visit confirmed in Algeria  (20-25 / 11/14)

Well, let’s get back to scratch : on october 2014 Mr Boudemagh was working on 2 industrial projects in Algeria, one in the automotive industry and one in then food sector.

06/11/2014:  Wolf Vierich and Vitala  confirmed  “their are interested in finding a financement for those 2 projects” «MAGHREB INOX STAINLESS STEEL PROJECT – FINANCING »  and Ouargla cattle processing farm.

Vitala Group by big Bad Wolf Vierich conman scam  strategy in progress.

This is when they first send to the Boudemagh Group  the first  email , where they state : “We never have worked in the past on unsuccessful, non feasible or non profitable projects “. 

Well , just have a look at all the fake listed projects and at once you realise this is complete lie. 

 «We only come on site for a visit” do they add, “when all economical, financial, political and logistics aspects are positive, so as to prevent customers to invest money in advance”.

And best of all ” we do not charge any money in advance, nor expenses, nor hidden costs. we only charge a 5% commission on money raised thanks to our work, and customers accepts the loan. if customer does not accept the loan we ask nothing ” …

Seemed too good to be true ! Was too good to be true !

“we do not ask any personal guarantees to the customer” It goes on” and it is all under control of national banks checking for criminal money”

When asked by Saad Boudemagh whether Vitala group and Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman were going to provide a letter of intent,  the answer  was : ” yes after we have visited the site and we have accepted the project”.

When asked by Saad Boudemagh whether Vitala group and Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman can become partners  or enter in joint venture, the answer was : “never. because this would cause  a twisted situation where we would loose our independence” . and they insist ” we only take a 5% commission on the loans we successfully provide”.

20-25 / 11/2014: Big Bad Wolf Vierich on SITE EN RELIZANE (MAGHREB INOX PROJET) and OUARGLA (cattle farm)

It all looked perfect. So from 20 to 25th of november 2014, Saad Boudemagh Group organized a trip for Vitala Wolf Vierich conman on both sites, RELIZANE ( for MAGHREB INOX PROJET) and  OUARGLA (cattle processing farm). At that point Saad Boudmagh’s group clearly states they have very strict deadlines that must be respected, and they have a feeling Vitala cannot comply. At that point Big Bad Wolf Vierich insisted in sying HE DOES WANT TO stay as a partner in the projects.

From On 12/01/2014, Vitala clearly knows that the Saad Boudemagh’s group needs the loan to be organized and delivers before june 2015. Still they accept the challenge, as they consider these are A-list projects.

This is when the tricks start ! Vitala insists that  lenders would need better documentation and business plan. Big Bad  Wolf Vierich  explains only his team can provide this type of business plan… but of course he will charge the Saad Boudemagh Group for that. He also insists the anyway this will save time and money to the Saad Boudemagh Group, as anyway the documentation provided must be double-checked and approved by Vitala, which will also, Big Bad  Wolf Vierich insists, will stand as a guarantee to the lenders.

Caught in Vitala’s scam spiderweb.

Vitala issues its letter of intent  on 09/12/2014 and contract is signed  on 15/12 2014 for the steel plant and 23/12/2014 for the  Ouargla cattle farm.

This is where the real scam starts. From the very minute, Big Bad Wolf Vierich keeps insisting on the facts that only documents approved but his team can be sent to lenders, because vitala group will stand as a backup guarantee. Then he says he will have to come very often onsite… in fact he only came once !


to be followed


Vitala Group scam strategy : endless list of fake projects

Vitala Group worldwide scam strategy : endless list of fake  projects

This first things scammers do :

  • 1 – try to look like  people you can trust. This is why you find so many fake testimonials listed as ” successful project ”  ( see on this page at the end of this story) on Vital Group international scam website . They also want to show you how big they are and very honest. “The illusions in the scam strategy “.                     Just check their FINANCE SEARCH APPLICATION.
     “We do not charge up-front fees
    We charge a percentage success fee only upon an applicant accepting finance through The Vitala Group, at the applicant’s sole discretion.
    We do not accept finance applications for less than a minimum US $5 million equivalent, per project application 
  • 2 – describe their activities in such a complicated way that reality is all blurred and you just cannot check if anything is for real : ” The lies in the lie strategy “ .
  • 3 – give so many incorrect and fake  informations with no detailed contacts no clear references so you feel lost in the dark  “The all is blurred strategy”
  • 4 – make fake contracts with secrecy clauses so your victims feel trapped ” the secret conspiracy strategy “

“The illusions in the scam strategy” 

This is why they strike right in the target with the self fulfilling description “With global development projects completed, in over 100 countries, since 1983, we specialise in financing projects from inception right through operations. This includes project financing, acquisitions, mergers, buy-outs and joint ventures.”

Then you have this endless list of testimonials ad supposedly successful projects.

” The lies in the lie strategy “

Then comes the “detailed ” description of their activities : one feels a bit uncomfortable with such a long list, full of spelling errors et bad english ( well you can say my english is also bad ! This is true, but i do not fake I am a huge international company working worldwide  for 30 years ….

From vitala Group Web page : “Our services cover, in the main: identification » conceptualisation » feasibility studies » management plans» business plans » master planning & architectural design » international project financing » project management » operational management » sponsorship » grant search » joint ventures » international business & competitive intelligence » management buy in’s / buy out’s.

Our international “hands-on” operating experience means that individual project involvement can result in us providing consultancy, design, marketing, management, project financing, as well as assisting with the financing structure (when we are involved in and have an intimate knowledge of a project’s content), or any combination of the above-mentioned. The latter applies in the observation of national and international regulations and restrictions dealing with the offer and procurement of investment advice.

Then after having read about all the fake projects and failed projects listed on Vitala International scam Group, in such a great number they make our head spin,   you’ll be happy to read on their presentation

All in all, our function is to advise our clients, safeguard them from unnecessary expenditure in the early stages of project development in and thus build a long-lasting relationship, profitable in the long term for both parties…. Ours is a people-oriented business and we recognise that our continued success depends upon the qualitative, timely performance and delivery of all our services through people for people.”

“The all is blurred strategy”

Vitala Scam group’s fake past and present membership list has the same targets : they aim at showing Vitala Scam group is trustful, but also at making you feel confused because there are so many people to contact that you just give up the quest of what is the truth… also, the list comes with no detailed contacts that you could get in touch with, no internet links… you then feel completely loss and just feel you are not going to waist your time at trying to double check facts.

A list of fake Past and Present Professional Memberships of Vitala international scam Group by Big Bad Wolf Vierich.

Nobody really knows who those guys are anyway… google them  you’ll get almost nowhere !

  • The Institute of Management
  • International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions
  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Themed Entertainment Association
  • Urban Land Institute
  • The Tourism Society
  • The British Computer Society
  • World Leisure & Recreation Association
  • The Engineering Council
  • The Institute of Hospitality ( formally HCIMA )
  • Russian Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions
  • World Waterpark Association
  • Hospitality Action
  • Professional Services Management Association
  • Association of Leisure Equipment Suppliers of the UK
  • Association of Hotel General Managers of the Republic of China
  • Guangdong Hotel & Lodging Association, PRC
  • Fort Dragon International Hotel Management, PRC
  • Lehrman Gerson Group

The Vitala international Scam Group also lists  int their ” group profile ” con  page, all kind of projects which do not exist, were a complete failure, or even worse, some of which owners are actually suing Vital Group and big Bad Wolf Vierich  !

Algeria Ouargla from Saad Boudemagh group on international project 13 on vitala scam group page

Algeria Ouargla from Saad Boudemagh group on international project 13 on vitala scam group page


For instance Algeria Ouargla  Cattle processing and Crop production by  Saad Boudemagh Group  has been a total failure  because  for the financing which was supposed to be brought by Vitala international Scam Group has never been completed. We have talked with Mr Saad Boudemagh and his associates, and they also have explained that they are now suing Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group for scam in the UK !

The same thing has happened with  the project of the first stainless Steel plant in Algeria, another of Saad Boudemagh Group project ! Not only the financing of Vitala international Scam group has been a total failure, but Saad Boudemagh is suing Vitala Group for scam for the same reasons as stated above.

Oran Algeria Saad Boudemagh Group listed as successful on the scam webpage of Vitala con people while Saad Boudemagh Group is suing Vitala's Wolf Vierich for scam

Oran Algeria Saad Boudemagh Group listed as successful on the scam webpage of Vitala con people while Saad Boudemagh Group is suing Vitala’s Wolf Vierich for scam


So one wonders how come this projects are still listed  as “successful” on Vitala’s Website.

More about “The all is blurred strategy”

Now have a look at this seemingly endless list of fake testimonials and project listed on Vitala Group international scammers  website.

You probably are going to feel seasick. So many places, cities, and projects… but never a detailed contact or adress. The list just looks like a fantasy illusion that has popped up from a sick brain . And this is just what it is.

The trouble is no one is ever going to loose time to double check this crazy list … because it is impossible. The informations provided by Vitala international scam group are so vague. All descriptions are fuzzy, imprecise, and they provide absolutely no details.

I did manage to get in touch with some of the person who  had contacted international  Vitala Scam Group  in search of financing.  Now i get to the end of my research, I’ll write just a few more stories. I think indeed the police should be in charge of going after this scammers now.

If I have just an advice to the victims, it is : go to the police and  file a complain. the more complain there will be the moire the police will go after Vitala international scam Group and Wolf Vierich con man.


Oran, Algiers. The country’s first Stainless Steel Plant. Algeria. Ouargla, Hassi Messaoud. The country’s first Cattle Processing & Crop Production project


Manama Largest Middle Eastern luxury Marina Yacht Club


Bahia “REGINE” – Night-club project

Buzzes 350 hectares multi tourism project

Isla da Croa, State of Alagoas Eco tourism resort – 350 acres, Joint Venture acquisition

Rio de Janeiro (The Rev. Caio Fabio) The world’s first “Bible” Theme Park

Rio de Janeiro (VINDE TV) One of Brazil’s largest Cable TV stations, privately owned, financing

Rio de Janeiro (Factory of Hope). A factory covering 55,000m2 , transformed into a “social village” with 70 different projects offering professional training, education, health and leisure to over 70,000 people per month, free of charge. Charitable undertaking, financing


Indian Ocean Island

Four New Isolated Tourist Island Developments – Multiple hotel and cabana type accommodation for 1200+ guests, eco plantations, stealth hotel units, spa, fitness centre, deep sea fishing unit

Cape Verde Islands

Sal Island

An island country spanning 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. The project covers a large number of Fractional Ownership tourist resort units – with the main resort being located in the capital: Sal.

Sal Cap Verde island another vitala scam

Sal Cap Verde island another vitala scam

I have tried to get informations about this project contacting the authorities of SAL, CAPE VERDE ISLAND and local magazine. Never got any answers

Endereços do Jornal A Semana



Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. The Kunlun Hotel – 100 room, 4-star hotel – Acquisition strategy, financing

Guangzhou. 400 acre resort development, with two hotels, equestrian centre.Beijing

Shijingshan District.Shijingshan theme park – 32 acres. Beijing Shijingshan District

Bada Chu Park (housing the 20 largest Buddha temples in the world)

Miyun County. Tourism Strategy for the People’s Congress

Jiangmen City. The Fortune Convention Hotel, financing

JIA XINA Municipality. 7.3 million m2 eco resort development

Costa Rica

San Jose. Water Leisure Park – Vitala Group ownership

San Jose. Water Leisure Park – government ownership


Limassol, Ayia Napa, Larnaca.Three water leisure parks

Oroklini (272000 m2 Salt Lake). Sports stadium, minigolf, theme park, waterpark, public leisure and recreation project, incorporating sports, themed landscape and recreational areas

Asia Napa. Retail and Leisure hotel complex, open-air leisure concept

Larnaca. Re-design of existing commercial and private largest Mediterranean Marina

Paphos. 200 room hotel extension, Health and sports club, enclosed swimming pool, fitness area, retail units, beauty parlours

Country-wide. Design of golf development and construction strategy assignment – The Cyprus Tourism Authority

Aria Napa. Resort Village feasibility

Protaras. Resort Village design

Limassol. Commercial Water leisure theme park

Limassol. Redevelopment of the Old Port / 2 marinas – The Cyprus Ports Authority

Aqlatas. Alatas Island Hotel Resort design concept

Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, Sosua. Beach Hotel and leisure resort – market evaluation, acquisition

Sosua. The former Sand Castle Resort (240 room hotel complex,120 boat marina, 18-hole golf course.) acquisition – Project financing


Salinas, Santa Elena. Bio Green Diesel Refinery and Real Estate Project. 42000 Hectares site facing the ocean


Dejen Town, Amhara State.2 x 10000 TCPD, Ethiopia largest cement plant on 450 hectares area


Dejen Town oil reffinery Ethiopia as seen on vitala scam website

Dejen Town oil reffinery Ethiopia as seen on vitala scam website

I did find some informations about a project which looked similar to this one, published By Kevin Mwanza  Published: December 30, 2013, 5:23 am –  at:

Though it did not mention Vitala group, and i am not sure this is the same project. Anyway the informations that are provided  on the afkinsider website are not accurate enough to allow any serious investigations.

I have found the journalist Kevin Mwanza on linked in. I’ll try to get more informations from him.

I also  have found this

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - An Ethio-American company based in the US, North Holdings Investment Inc., is to build a new cement factory with an outlay of USD 800 million in the Amhara Regional State near Dejen town.

North Holdings Investment Inc president, Temesgen M. Bitew, told The Reporter that his company is planning to build the factory in east Gojam, Dejen wereda, Menda locality. Temesgen said with two production lines the factory will have the capacity to produce 8.4 million tons of cement

The idea of building the cement factory was conceived in 2006. According to Temesgen, the feasibility study was completed. The company is to hire a Danish contractor called FLS that would build the factory, supply and install the machineries.

CONTACT ADDRESS Ethiopian Reporter  Media & Communications Center. Addia Ababa, Ethiopia   (+251) 116 61 61 85

I have sent mail but until d-today I,have not received any answers.


Lery Poses, Rouen.Themed leisure project, incorporating enclosed dry and wet leisure dome, waterpark, retail units, 9‑hole and 18-hole golf courses, jogging and cycling track, 90 villa housing development, 300 room hotel, cinema, bowling alley, libraries, shooting range, year round sports and fitness facilities, artificial lakes and beach facilities, 3 restaurants, 5 bars, 1 disco

 Lery Poses France and Aquarossa Ticino on the scam webpage of vitala con people

Lery Poses France and Aquarossa Ticino on the scam webpage of vitala con people

I did contact the mayor Mr Piednoël, who had never heard of Vitala Group. He has advised me to get in touch with Mr Jean Phillipe Brun and Mrs  Valérie Petit, responsible for the actual Golf Course in Lery Poses. They have confirmed they have never works with any Vitala group and that everything listed on the website is a lie.


Mannheim. Holiday Inn Hotel project (140 rooms)

Frankfurt/Main. Holiday Inn Hotel project (280 rooms)

Hamburg. Holiday Inn Hotel project (240 rooms)

Cologne. Holiday Inn Hotel project (280 rooms)

Munich. Holiday Inn Hotel project (160 rooms)

Wiesbaden. Holiday Inn Hotel project (180 rooms)

Heidelberg. Holiday Inn Hotel project (220 rooms)

Stuttgart. Holiday Inn Hotel project (240 rooms)

Pass. Holiday Inn Hotel project (200 rooms)

Brandenburg – Berlin.Hotel project (332 rooms)


Athens. Water theme park project

Hong Kong

FEC legislation in Hong Kong – Design of the Regulatory Impact Assessment of proposed legislation on Family Entertainment Centres (FECs). The Government Business & Services Promotion Unit and Environmental Resources Management Ltd (ERM)


Budapest : Water leisure park project

Harmony. 3.2 acres hotel, wellness and spa, cosmetic surgery facilities

Hedervar. 358 acres resort, large convention hotel / facilities, golf course, driving range, children animal farm, stables and horse riding facilities

Scents. Thermal Health & Tourism Project – A themed tourism and sports hotel with 219 mixed room units, a Cosmetic Clinic concept, a Wellness Coliseum, Arboretum and the construction of the 5-star Petofi Hotel (82 rooms). Numerous indoor and outdoor leisure facilities on Szesrienyi Island and the upgrading of the existing County Hall Museum and Convention facilities.


Mumbai. Water leisure park + theme park

Mumbai. Theme park

Mumbai. Theme park

Amrit Shakti Township. New Township for 152,000 residents: 41,000 apartments, 3 schools, convenience stores, theme park, waterpark, golf course, multi-storey parking, infrastructure

Nirvana Valley. Exclusive Golf & Country Club

Mumbai. Joint Venture consultancy for Swiss Water Equipment Manufacturers

Hyderabad. Multi-purpose tourism project. Development of 300 room Five Star Hotel, waterpark, boat-house, club house, amusement park, retailing units, Film city


Countrywide. Commercial introduction of British companies into the Japanese market, advice on how to proceed and be represented – (UK Department of Trade & Industry – Opportunity Japan Campaign)


Four hospital and healthcare projects, management

Aqaba. Waste management, cleansing and sewage plants, compost plants, transfer stations and landfill sites


Kuwait City Three large state hospitals management


Arivonimamo. Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world. This is the location for a 316.28 acre Horse Farm and Leisure Centre Resort Project, comprising: an 18 Hole golf course, golf driving range, a public race course, equestrian centre, stables, casino, children’s zoo, agricultural farms, horse breeding facilities and recuperation facilities.

Arivonimano Madagascar project as seen on Vitala scam website

Arivonimano Madagascar project as seen on Vitala scam website

The only informations i came across on the internet about Arivonimamo in Madagascar, are here  ( in french). They list rural projects abut wood plantation, vegetables, chicken farms, milk farms and dairy products, protecting the Tapia Forest…

Nothing similar to the luxury resort listed on Vitala’s Scam Website

COMMUNE ARIVONIMAMO II Les projets de développement à la rescousse


Sept projets de développement rural interviennent dans la commune rurale d’Arivonimamo II. Ce sont les projets sur le bois et l’énergie, les légumes et l’élevage du poulet, le changement climatique, le lait, l’environnement et la protection de la forêt de Tapia. A entendre le maire Armand Rabearivelo, samedi, en marge d’un reboisement dans sa commune, ces projets constituent les premiers partenaires de la commune dans le développement. Depuis la baisse de la subvention des communes en 2009, ils on contribué à la construction d’un Collège d’enseignement général (CEG), d’un Centre de santé de base niveau II (CSB II), d’un forage et d’un marché communal.

I have tried to contact journalists or administration but never got any answer


The Maldives

Male. Resort boat island, 27 acres, financing, development

Various Ocean Islands. Feasibilities to project finance remote islands developments


Pacific Coast. Chacala combined hotel/ condominium/ leisure resort, comprising: 700 villas, 1800 condominiums, 2 hotels x 300 rooms each, 18 hole golf course, city development. 2 beach fishing areas, 250 berth inland marina, sport/fitness facilities, restaurants, bars, 18 shops


Ulaanbaatar. Shonkhor Tower Water Park Sports Complex. A convention Tower Hotel containing offices, apartments and sports facilities.


Multiple tourist development sites and golf courses – projects, financing


DHAKLA 100 km² new resort area comprising: Waterworld, Small Morocco, One Thousand and One Nights, Future City, Leisure Park.

Amsterdam. Holiday Inn Hotel project (240 rooms)

De Meern. Sale of major manufacturing company to British group

New Zealand

Christchurch. Project Financing of Water 3000 Ltd., Water Bottling Plant


Lagos / Jos. Establishment of a group of 6 trading companies, involved in export, hotels, resorts, trading, camp and hospital management, and commercial transport leasing


Lima (City Council) “Eco” Island


Mindanao. Lanao beach resort, 150 room hotel, 22 cottages, 380 acres, financing, development

Makati – Manila. 5 * hotel, 400 rooms, financing, architectural design

Manila. Asia Hospital, buy-out and refinancing proposals


Szcryk. Eagle’s Nest Resort Hotel Complex – 300+ room winter resort hotel complex, conference hotel, indoor/ outdoor sports facilities, indoor waterpark, Olympic pool, and spa, financing


Algarve – Quinta do Lago. Ipanema leisure and hotel resort project, comprising: hotels, 600 villas, 1200 condomini

Algarve –ums, clinics, sports and fitness facilities, stables, 18-hole golf course, village, retail units, amphitheatre, restaurants, bars, 12 shops

Porches. Europe’s largest open-air water leisure and theme park, Vitala Group ownership

National Chain of Petrol Stations. Chain of 40 budget brand hotels, roadside location (4,800 rooms)

Algarve – Porches. Open-air mini-golf course, Vitala Group ownership

Alcantarilha. Children’s playground resort, Vitala Group ownership

Lisbon. Open air water leisure park

Lisbon. Water leisure park project

Algarve – Porches. Olympic size swimming pool, Vitala Group ownership

Lisbon. Holiday Inn Hotel project (220 rooms)

Lisbon (Aqua Park). Leisure complex and theme park, horse racing course, breeding farm and stables, hotels and leisure facilities, sport and fitness, thalassotherapy centre, 18‑hole golf course

Lisbon (Aqua Park). Water leisure park project


Sibiu. Development and Project Financing of the US$400 Million, Health / Wellness Convention Resort in Sibiu Region


Cyborg. 3 Star 160 room city hotel – design and development

Novosibirsk. Indoor waterpark project

Novosibirsk. Indoor ski complex, 550 room convention hotel, indoor waterpark

Moscow.The Moscow City Zoo – indoor Dolphinarium

Yekaterinburg.7th Kingdom Family Entertainment Centre – operational audits

Sochi. 72 land sites – tourist development strategy

Saudi Arabia

Jubail, Riyadh, Al Khobar. Numerous large industrial catering projects for national companies

Jubail. Holiday Inn Hotel project (180 rooms) – design and project management


Somber. The first and subsequent phases of a Windmill Park establishment throughout Serbia. The first phase comprises 20 – 25 windmills. Project Financing only.

South Africa

Port Elizabeth. 5 Star Hotel (250 rooms) and shopping complex

Johannesburg. 3 Star Hotel group (3 hotels)

Johannesburg. Professional and amateur boxing promotion enterprise development

South Korea

Pohang City. 68 acres eco tourism resort development, financing

Seoul. Hwa Spa Resort, comprising two different star rated hotels for 1500 visitors, multi-floor spa for 1500 people, diverse open-air leisure and sports facilities, indoor FEC, golf driving range, Minigolf course and indoor retail units. Design, layout of facilities, project management, strategic planning, feasibility studies, financing

Daegu .Asia’s first Solar Cell Power Manufacturing Plant. Research and investigation, preliminary financial feasibilities and financing

Chuncheon Island .Gangwong – Do Province. Eco island resort, 350 room convention hotel, 1.2 million square feet island with eco, leisure culture structure, villas. Strategic planning, financing, design

DaejeonCity Paradise Town project (hotels, condominiums, offices, real-estate, leisure). Feasibility studies, architectural design, master planning, financing

Seoul. Namdaemun Multi-Purpose real estate project. It comprises two building structures of 25 floors and 30 floors each, plus 8 floors underground, situated in central Seoul. A 280 room hotel, 170 offices, extensive indoor and outdoor leisure facilities, including a Golf Driving Range – are provided for.

Seoul. Sarangsem Church and Kindergarten.

Nacu City. 61.15 acres of Solar Power Field Station Installation. Project Financing only.

Hwasun. 16.30 acres of Solar Power Field Station Installation. Project Financing only.

Buyeo. Development and Project Financing of US$250 Million, The Jade Mining Resort Project.


Costa del Sol. 4 Star apartment hotel , (180 rooms)

Costa del Sol. Sotogrande Beach Club within large Sotogrande residential development

Málaga, Barcelona, Mallorca, Marbella, Torremolinos. Theme and Water Park Group-acquisition / Exit strategy

Costa del Sol. Historic 22 unit authentic traditional Spanish mountain villa project

Costa del Sol. Large tropical fruit farming and luxury housing development


Geneva. Holiday Inn Hotel (airport) project (280 rooms)

Ticino Lugano. Acquarossa Terme Spa Resort (170 rooms hotel)


Damascus. 1.2 million m2 Leisure City, with large traditional markets, mosque, hotels, chalets, theme park, landscaping, 5,000 housing plots, infrastructure, creation of a lake. (Total site design area = 6.8m m2

 Syria Damascus development project as seen on the scam webpage of Vitala con people

Syria Damascus development project as seen on the scam webpage of Vitala con people


Aleppo. Country first water theme park project

With war raging in Syria these days, I wonder what has happened to those glorious projects !


Project and operational management of six national 3/4 star tourist hotels and coastal beach resorts, co‑operative wood-carving shops and tourist retail units located throughout the country (35 units)


Bangkok. Theme park project

Kanachanburi. Development and Project Financing of US$250 Million – St Andrews River Kwai Golf Resort


Theme park project


Tunis. 56000 sq. ft. Manar Shopping Mall Centre. 160 retail units


Istanbul. 600 room Hotel and leisure resort complex

Antalya. ECO theme resort project, leisure, 464 room hotel, 3800 seat convention centre, waterpark, dance/rock/concert arena for 12,500 participants


(Ashgabat City Government). Conversion of large Government owned municipal parks to tourism and leisure projects.

United Arab Emirates

Umm Al Quwain. The largest waterpark in the Middle East owned and operated by the Ruler of Umm Al Quwain – operational consultancy

United Kingdom

Suffolk. 450 room convention hotel, golf, external leisure

London / Bury St Edmunds. Outline marketing programme for solicitors’ services within the UK

London. 4 Star, 140 room city hotel and 14 residential apartments

London. “REGINE” – nightclub project

Manchester. Holiday Inn Hotel project (250 rooms)

Lake District. “Langdale” – timeshare leisure project


Location to be decided. Wild West and Indian themed attraction, incorporating farms, 5 hotels, 4 casinos, visitor attractions – all on a 77,000 acre land site.

Oregon. Water play equipment manufacturers, trademark protection strategy

Virginia. Theme park

Texas. The Alta Health Institute

Cape Canaveral, Orlando, Florida. “Epcot” type space theme park

St Paul, Minnesota. Recreation of an authentic Scandinavian village, with landscaped support structure

Cripple Creek, Colorado. Casino Resort: Apartments, hotel, casino, recreation areas, gas station, convenience stores

Cripple Creek, Colorado. Multiple resort area 46 acre land banks – sale/disposal

Chicago. World’s largest annual Halloween Festival event known as “Fear Fest”

Chicago. National radio network

California. Representation – manufacturer of the largest themed rides and simulation equipment

Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Multi-unit resort and Vitala Group co-ownership project

Grafton, Illinois. Eco-resort project

Temecula, California. 22.4 acre op-air waterpark project, with minigolf and FEC – Vitala Group co-ownership project


Hoi An, Quang Nam. Con Bap Eco Resort. Nah Trang. Van Dang Marina & Villas, a traditional Vietnamese-style resort project.

How Province. Cam Ranh Resort (Tourist Resort/Villas/Hotel/Marina/Leisure/Golf) 190 hectares, Khanh Hoa Province

Hue City. 212 acres, Bach Ma National Park resort, golf, hotel, leisure centre, convention centre


5 star Hotel project (185 rooms)


From Livingstone to Kitwe. Utrens Ltd – Developer. Project financing of 10-30 transport stations. Financing of approx. 20-40 large buses. Modern rest stations / motel units / lodges



Lim Jong Woo – Ulaan Baatar shonkhor tower project – ripped of 1.5 millions € by vitala Group Scam

Lim Jong Woo – Ulaan Baatar  shonkhor tower project – ripped of 1.5 millions € by vitala Group Scam 

I am sure you can guess it was  not easy to get in touch with Lim Jong Woo – Ulaan Baatar, in charge of  Shonkhor Tower project, as described on Vitala Group international scammers website

ulaan baator mongolia victim of vitala scam

Shonkhor Ulaan Baator mongolia victim of vitala scam


After long searches on search engines, i finally got in touch with Ulaan Baatar Tourism Board on Facebook, and they have answered to me on october 2016.

” Shonhor yet to build a tower. gave us information as the project continues. You will be asked for confirmation by phone 94090009. If you have any other questions, contact. We will be glad to help “

 Ulaan Baatar facebook page

Ulaan Baatar facebook page

They redirected me to an official website for the project

Shonhor Ulaan Baatar project president interview

Shonhor Ulaan Baatar project president interview

On this site  president interview  which is rated 2012, you can read ” in May 2013, the main documentations will be ready. After the documentations and plans are ready, approximately in 2 to 3 years the tower would be ready. But it is hard to say the exact time; however the opening ceremony is expected in mid 2016″.
We are now end of 2016, and nothing at all has happened on location in Ulaan Baatar
-I suppose it would require a lot of time, money and estimation.
-We have aiming to implement this project internationally acknowledged economic and technical research which the step by step procedures would be simpler. In this part we are co-operating with a company with 30 years of experience in the consulting field “Vitala” Group, which has an experience of implementing over 90 such projects all over the world. Vitala Group will work on all of the preparations of documentations and planning.
-So how long would it take to build and submit the 100 floor Shonkor tower to state commission? 
-Every work is planned by international standards, including architectural, diagram and research. In May 2013, the main documentations will be ready. After the documentations and plans are ready, approximately in 2 to 3 years the tower would be ready. But it is hard to say the exact time; however the opening ceremony is expected in mid 2016. It’s possible to open the complexes separately one by one.
Shonhor Ulaan Baatar project president interview part 2

Shonhor Ulaan Baatar project president interview part 2

Thanks to the Ulaan Baata Tourism Board ,

CONTACT US : Монгол улс, Улаанбаатар, Чингэлтэй дүүрэг, Их эзэн Чингис хааны нэрэмжит талбай 7. PHONE : 32-71-99. FAX : (976-11) 32-43-31

I have found the direct phone number of Lim Jong Woo and his company as well as their email  info@buti. mn

Lim Jong Woo’s assistant answered to me he did know about Vitala Group, their are a scam and they have been ripped of 1.5 millions € because of them

This is although Vitala Group Scam professional had announced on thier website, back in september 2012 that they were partners to the project that they are going to finance.






This type of announcement is typical to Vitala Gorup scam strategy. you can find many of them on their website in the press section. Strangely though, you’ll notice all press releases are announcements, never about successfully finished projects.

As It clearly show, today november 2016, The Shohor project is still expecting to be financed. and Vitala Groups has just ripped off  Lim Jong Woo – Ulaan Baatar  shonkhor tower project president   1.5 millions € .

THE EDGE PROJECT, Antalya,Akdeniz University another Vitala Group Victim

One more failed project listed on Vitala Group scam website  as fully funded

THE EDGE PROJECT, to  be realised in the centre of Antalya, on 130.000m2 land on the campus of Akdeniz University.

Well of course if you call the university t see list off contacts below) , nobody has ever heard of the project.

The website listed  by Willem Geen the head of the projet, does not exit anymore as the link goes to a blank page.

antalya turkish the edge project unecsiting web site

Antalya turkish The Edge project unexisting web site

This is “THE EDGE PROJECT, to  be realised in the centre of Antalya, on 130.000m2 land on the campus of Akdeniz University” , as described on Vitala web page.

antalya turkish the edge project on the scam webpage of vitala con people

Antalya Turkish The Edge project on the scam webpage of vitala con people



The Edge Project is a very unique, versatile, global and extraordinary leisure and entertainment project for young people from the age of 18 years. It is also a platform for communication, inspiration and support for the target group. The project will be realised in the centre of Antalya, on 130.000m2 land on the campus of Akdeniz University.  One of the Unique Selling Points of the project is ‘The Edge Dance and Concert Arena’ with a capacity of 15.000 visitors at one time surrounded by a Hotel. Another USP is the Mega Convention Centre with 5000 seats. These USPs in combination with other components such as a Waterpark, Fitness, Spa and  Extreme Sport facilities, a Boutique Arcade establishes ‘The Edge Venue’ as a premier location attracting visitors from all over the world. The philosophy of The Edge Project is contained in its slogan “Celebrating Life, Unity and Freedom” and elaborated in the e-book “Living on the Edge, the Art of not knowing’ (

Extra strength and possibilities for the project, in terms of the philosophy and operations, are given through our cooperation  with Akdeniz University. Furthermore the project sources and funds educational and cultural programs for students. The Worldwide Edge Internet Community will deliver the possibility for the target group to identify themselves with The Edge Project and its philosophy.

We invite you to consider the opportunity becoming part of this unique and profitable project. We are looking forward being able to discuss and investigate any possibilities for partnership and or co-operation with you, financially and otherwise.”

Willem Geene

  • Website
  • Industry
  • Type
    Privately Held
  • Headquarters
    6865 HP Netherlands
  • Company Size
    Myself Only

While this is the linked IN actual page. 

it clearly shows no financing has ever been completed and the company  size is still  « one person only »

The Edge Antalya project on Linked-in

The Edge Antalya project on Linked-in

last update information on the web is

Antalya Project Developments BV
21-02-2014 The court now Antalya Project Developments BV, registered in the state bankrupt at the Chamber of Commerce under number 09173390 with the appointment of mr. R.J. Borghans as receiver. The number of insolvency is F.05 / 14/204. The legal form is a private company and the main business of the company was 7912, Reisorganisatie.

Only registered subscribers have access to all the details of the case.
If you are already a subscriber, you can log in here. If you are not yet a subscriber, please sign up here.
Antalya Project Developments B.V.
Dillenburg 152
6865 HP Doorwerth
026 333 6301

Well, if you still have doubts about wether this The Edge project has ever been successful,  feel free to contact the  Akdeniz University Dumlupınar Boulevard 07058 Campus Antalya, TURKEY

Tel: +90 242 227 44 00

Fax: +90 242 227 55 40

and ask them if they have ever hear of such a projk-ject and ov-f vitala group super scam company !!



Tel: +90 242 310 60 26

Fax: +90 242 227 59 98




Tel: +90 242 310 21 74

Fax: +90 242 227 69 91




Tel: +90 242 310 21 39

Fax: +90 242 310 66 29





Tel: +90 242 310 23 34

Fax: +90 242 310 22 87




Tel: +90 242 227 69 76

Fax: +90 242 227 69 77





Tel: +90 242 310 69 60

Fax: +90 242 226 19 53




Tel: +90 242 310 15 30

Fax: +90 242 310 15 31




Tel: +90 242 310 62 00

Fax: +90 242 310 62 13





Tel: +90 242 310 20 20

Fax: +90 242 227 46 70





Tel: +90 242 227 78 57

Fax: +90 242 227 78 56





Tel: +90 242 226 0130

Fax: +90 242 226 0136






Tel: +90 242 227 76 90

Fax: +90 242 227 99 36



Tel: +90 242 855 36 69

Fax: +90 242 855 36 66




Vitala international scam company uses an other scam company, to slander its victims

Vitala international scam company uses an other scam company, swindler to slander, threaten, bully and harass its victims.

Ripoff report is… reported a scam on consumeraffairs 

My story with them started when I discovered some fake complaints on  ripoff reports, about some friends that I have been knowing for years, and… about myself.

Well some unknown persons that i never heard for, whom you cannot find on  any search engines except for on ripoff report, who is unknown anywhere else in the blogosphere, wrote a very unfriendly report about me.

This very unfriendly report was related to my friend Lisa Laterza,  who also has been harassed by unknown people on ripoff report.

Strangely enough this bad fake reviews just show up after Mr Laterza and her business partner has started seeing Vitala Group with their lawyers, for scam and extorsion, and after I started inquiring about those scammers and conmen, and published all the reviews you can find here on this website.

Of course all the informations that i provide can be  ( and should be) double checked .

More strangely, the Ripoff Reports that concern me has been written just a few days after i tried to contact Vitala group to get some explanations about the informations they provide on their website.  By the way, they never gave any sensible answer.

fake complaint ripoff by unknown Kerry Losey. none bearing this name is to be found on the internet. No company of the name :The is to be found in New York.

fake complaint on ripoff report by Vitala’s accomplices, unknown Kerry Losey. none bearing this name is to be found on the internet. No company of the name :The is to be found in New York.


I was so surprised to read this fake report that i tried    

1/ to find informations about the person who write it : Got absolutely no results.  This si strange, ain’t it,   nowadays, when anyone has a blog, website, Facebook, Twitter  or linked in pages.

Nothing about this “Kerry Losey.” or the The  in New york !

Now all of a sudden another fake ripoff report pages pops up, posted by another unknown individual  which id on ripoff report website is “blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom”

whatever that means.

the funny thing is that this stupid complaint accuses me of… doing my work !

I am a journalist and we also run a tv production company,  TendanceTV, as well as PR company.  So i do not understand what ‘s wrong with it !

Anyway this is this new page !

2/ to use Ripof Report’s rebuttal services. they never publish your  rebuttals.

3/ I checks the web for blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom.  Not much show up. just 2 more complains on Ripoff report ( the guy seems to be an addict ! ).

one more fake ripoff report by unknown person : blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom

one more fake ripoff report by unknown person : blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom

one more fake ripoff report by unknown person : blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom

one more fake ripoff report by unknown person : blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom

Well if you ever happen to know who and where to find  

blacksmith — Southampton Alabama United Kingdom

let us know

Anyway, google maps does not know the locations



southampton alabama united kingdom does not exist

southampton alabama united kingdom does not exist


Complaint Review: Lisa Laterza

If you have time to loose just try to make search about the people who have filed ripoff reports about Lisa Laterza or Saad Boudemagh, or myself. None of them are to  be found nowhere on the web. They are all fakes ID used by Vitala Group and their partners  to ruin the reputations of the victims that are seeing them !

  • Reported By: Beatrice — Alabama Italy
  • Reported By: Ms Kerry Loseh Vice President The Dial., Inc — New York New York USA

Rexxfield Internet Law Research has published a short 3 minute video demonstrating how the Google AdWords® business unit has banned advertising for due to “Unacceptable Business Practices”. The findings give rise to other questions however:

(Why is Google AdChoices® business unit sharing revenue with RipOffReport by distributing advertisements through their appalling website?

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Ripoff Report is a Criminal Extortion SCAM! Total Proof!

Here is the story  about Ed Magedson, the criminal extortionist behind

“Anyone can put up a site and demand extortion. But it’s highly unethical and an obvious scam. And it’s a loser way to make money as well. Such people have no ethics, conscience, morals and are sociopaths and criminals. That’s exactly what Ed Magedson is.”

…. Basically, he set up to EXTORT money from people unethically. When someone posts a complaint, it can never be removed, even if the poster requests or demands it. Instead, they are referred to an arbitration program that costs thousands of dollars! That is pure extortion. There is no logical reason to ask a poster to pay thousands of dollars just to remove his own post on a website. Legitimate sites allow the poster to remove their own posts, or will gladly remove it per their request.”

This guy’s story is a very good example on how the ripoff report scam works :

I emailed RipoffReport asking them to remove my reports at:

They did not respond. Instead, they expect you to pay thousands for their arbitration program. Here is how it works, according to their site. Note the part in bold.

NOW, THiS IS THE REAL SCAM : look at what the ripoff reports proposes you :

“Here’s how it works. We have contracted with private arbitrators who have extensive experience, including experienced judges in court. Once the program builds momentum, we will add other highly qualified arbitrators to our panel. You submit a written arbitration statement identifying the false statements in the report, or explaining that the report was posted by a competitor pretending to be a customer. You are also given the opportunity to support your position with documented evidence and/or sworn affidavits. There is a filing fee of $2,000 to pay for the arbitrator’s time and for administration of the program. The author of the report is then given the opportunity to respond and you are given the opportunity to reply.”

They just want you to pay $2,000 just to remove a post that takes seconds to delete ! What a RIPOFF! (pardon the pun) This guy Ed Magedson is dreaming. What low class scum.

Finally, for some damning and incriminating info about Ed Magedson, see this website about his criminal activities, arrests (with scanned documents and police reports) and $20,000 reward offered for his whereabouts so that he can be served in court.

The obvious truth is that Ed Magedson is a criminal extortion scammer and a low scum, not that he can’t verify who the author of a report is.




More testimonial &bout ripoff report is a scam

mike of Flushing, NY on 

The Ripoff Report makes fake posts about people and companies then try to extort you for 3 grand to take you off the site. My name is Michael ** and ripoff report posted many fake posts about me. Not one of these so called people used a real name because they are not real. I refuse to pay them 3 grand to take the lies about me off their site. Google the ripoff report and see they are the scammers. The owner is wanted by the FBI for extortion and fraud. Once you are put on that site it goes to number 1 spot when someone googles your name so not cool.

I really don’t care what they wrote and I’m definitely not stupid enough to pay them 3 grand to take me off their site but hey if they are a site saving people from scammers then why would they let the scammer pay their way off the site??? Shouldn’t they want that info to stay forever so no one gets scammed by these people instead of letting the scammer pay his way off so he can continue scamming people. That just doesn’t make sense.

The internet is so full of lies. People with no lives and nothing to do will read a post they have nothing to do with and just so they can conversate with other people they add their 2 cents in and write up a fake post when they dont even know me or anything about me. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET LIVES BUT HEY KARMA IS A **. IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU IN THE ASS.


Alzaman/Dakhla project is a hoax : another Vitala/big Bad Wolf Vierich Scam

Alzaman/Dakhla project is a hoax : another Vitala/big Bad Wolf Vierich Scam, run by a dormant company, Injazz invest, with a capital of 100€ (One hundred euros).

First rule for a journalist : look for reliable sources.

after i have seen on Vitala group scam website the following project :

hoax Alzaman Dakhla vitala group scam website

hoax Alzaman Dakhla vitala group scam website

I have started googling and looking for update informations on the search engines on the internet, about this fabulous development project: ” Alzaman is the name of a Pharaonic city project planned in 2024 in the Moroccan desert near the town of Dakhla. The city will cover 70 square kilometers and will be dedicated to the mixture of cultures, peace and the future of humanity. Adventure and the future, in addition to medical and academic areas.
The land of the project supported by the Swiss company Injaz Invest would have been offered by Morocco. City of Alzaman welcome nearly 400,000 inhabitants.

Well, on the official Tourims office of Morocco, nothing about such a huge project. just a few lines about Dakhla, which is famous for surfing. That’s all !

Informations about Dakhla on the website of Marrocco Tourism office

Informations about Dakhla on the website of Marocco Tourism office

text says :


Dakhla region Oued Ed-Dahab is simply characterized by a rich cultural, human, and natural history but also exceptional. It has a vast desert, plains, mountains and oases, home to rare fauna and flora and diverse, and many historically significant sites as an important archaeological heritage of this region. The area is bounded to the south by the region of Eddakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab, north by the region of Guelmim-Oued Noun, east Mauritania and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The region of Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra home to 367,758 people or 1.1% of the national population dispersed over area of 142 865 km2. It is the southernmost and largest region of Morocco. Still called the gate of Morocco sub-Saharan Africa, is almost empty but rich in historical events area that attract many archaeologists from the region, one can still discover some sites, writings, engravings or even remains as monoliths, which are there to witness the passage of man there for hundreds of years.


So i insisted and finally got in touch with a journalist for a moroccan magazine. this is a copy of the emails we have exchanged

—– Mail transféré —–
De : Mohamed Ezzouak <>
À : “” <>
Cc : “” <>
Envoyé le : Vendredi 7 octobre 2016 0h54
Objet : Re: [Message d’un lecteur]: contact

Hi Stephanie                                                                                                                   There is no project in Dakhla for this company.
It was just a hoax as we write on our article.

Email de l’expéditeur:
Sujet: contact
Nom: boy
Prénom: stephanie

Message : hello, I am a journalist and i make an inquiry about Vitala group. this company advertises on the internet some very important projects, and I suspect they are crooks. This is the reason why i am looking for more informations about the projects they describe as having been financed but them in your country, as you can see on their website I am wondering if you or some people in the tourism industry in your country has heard of this Vitala Group, and done any successful business with them please have a look at their website and let me know if you know about them and their supposed projects. have a good day. Stéphanie BOY Vitala Group | Global Projects DHAKLA , CITY OF PEACE, MOROCCO ALZAMAN Project – 100 km² new resort area comprising: Waterworld, Small Morocco, One Thousand and One Nights, Future City, Leisure Park. The centre is represented by the historic part – shaped like the globe.
Formulaire de contact

“Marocainement vôtre”

Mohamed Ezzouak
tél : +212.522.238.842
mob : +212.660.338.219

After i came across this adamant description on the web, by  a so called sheikh al naimi  who is the project developper and a partner of Vitala Group, who said : Somebody try to pollute the name of Dr. Wolf Vierich and the Vitala Group… I have excellent experience with Dr. Wolf and the Vitala Group. I work with the more than Four years and till now Dr. Wolf performed what he promises also he met the Ministers and the Important Influence People in much Country’s with me and left a very good impression in their mind… He is very Professional in this Part and he has already arranged the Investment for my Project exactly what he said. So please stop this Bullshit propaganda about him because IT IS NOT TRUTH and I am very happy to work with him and the Vitala Group.) Sheikh Al Nuaimi. Injazinvest

I wondered if I could find any updated information about Injaz Invest company. Well this what I found. Injazz invest was incorporated in England in 2009 with a capital of … 100 € (yes one hundred euros). The capital consists of 100 share each of then with a value of 1 € ( one euro). 


injazz invest capital is 100 € ( one hundred euros), with a capital of 100 ( one hundred) shares of 1 (one) euros each.

since 01 Feb 2011it is a dormant company  as you can check here View PDF

One can indeed wonder what is the value of such testimonials: when you have a dormant company, with a capital of 100€ (one hundred euros) assessing that Vitala Group has provided financing for a ghostly project lost in the desert sands !

sequel 1  :  Szentes Vitala scam in Hungary by Big Bad Wolf Vierich                       

sequel 2  :  Vitala group scam and conman big Bad Wolf Vierich                      

sequel 3 : City Paradise city Korea  mr Mr Chan Seog Park ripped off by vitala Group / Wolf Vierich scam                                                                                           

sequel 4  International scam company : Vitala group by Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman

sequel 5 A scam in the scam : iBP corp proposal with Vitala Group and Big bAd Wolf Vierich conman

sequel 6 Castillo Flamingo : nightmare in Costa Rica With Vitally Grouo Scam and Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman

sequel 7 Acquarossa Spa/another Vitala Group Scam in Ticino, Switzerland/ Swiss press reports

the Acquarossa SPA : another Vitala Group Scam, inquired by swiss press

Another fake successful project listed on Vitala group web page: the Acquarossa SPA.

Today after 11 years,  it is still a project, and the owners are still looking for funding after years of work and fake promisses form the Vitala Group.  There has been tv reports as well as articles published in the swiss press about the “ghostly” Vitala group.

I spoke on the telephone mid  october 2016 with Mr  Andreas Schweitzer who is still the owner of the planned project. He has confirmed he has lost money time and reputation with Vitala group. He felt very sorry and sounded almost guilty, strangely enough. But this is quite normal for victims of conmen to feel it is their own fault. While in fact, as we have explained on our first article, conmen and scammers are so smart that everybody can be a victim.

You can see the informations on the web, here for the TV report

In this tv report,  the journalists have been inquiring about the activities of the Vitala Group. They event travelled to england where they discovered the office of this supposedly worldwide active group is just a mailbox   in a small office in London suburbs.

the italalian Magazine  La Regione Ticino from Augut-st 31, 2011 states

traduction of the article :

“Aquarossa terme SA has finished all contacts with Vitala Group”.

« We worked with them as we did work with other companies. They have helped us to elaborate the business plan, and we paid them for their work. Now each of us is going its own way… says Ashoob Cook owner of the SA. This divorce from the « international company » which was supposed to  find the necessary millions needed to build the project, is  a real relief !

Our newspaper has sent journalist to inquire in 3  of the tens of countries  were Vitala had supposedly many projects underway : it ended with very strange results…

Starting with Germany, where Vitala says ongoing projects in no less than nine cities. In Wiesbaden they would work on a 180-room hotel. A project we continue on Vitala’s  site, by clicking the red cross flag for Switzerland, there are two references, one to the Terms of Acquarossa and the other for a hotel of 280 rooms in Geneva Airport. After our  investigations in the city of Calvin, we found  nobody has ever heard the name of Vitala: “We are not aware of a project for a hotel of this size in the area of the airport. Maybe someone has spoken once. What is certain is that we far from any something concrete ” said an official of the Directorate of permits for construction. And the Federal Office of Civil Aviation denies the existence of the project described on the website of Vitala in Geneva. “After searching with my specialist, I can confirm – writes an officer of the Federal Administration – we never received information on plans for this  type of hotel near Geneva airport. “

thought  local authorities should be aware ! ” No, we do not know nothing  about such a project ». That is the answer of the Town Hall.

At Lery Poses, in the French department of Eure (Normandy) known for its beautiful villages and castles typical, Vitala said they are engaged in the financing of a leisure park with 18 hole golf course, 300-room hotel, 90 apartments, three restaurants, shooting range and artificial lake. “We already have a golf course, there would be no need to do another, ” said a politician responsible of the municipality. “Vitala? I do not know this company,” he adds.

Back to Ticino, the first and only time that the  Vitala “multinational” showed up there, was in a meeting, along  with a dozen people. And our fellow journalists from OIAF who fetched Vitala  in London in their headquarters,  broke their nose on a small house, lost in the sad outskirts  west of the city, which serves as letter box for tens of offshore companies.  On this occasion, it was impossible for the journalists  to meet the leaders or spokesmen of ghostly Vitala group.

The article is clear.

The investigation was followed  by Swiss television  RSI in its report on Acquarossa, which you can see here.

You  also can contact RSI TV here

 Liliana Canetti Assistente alla produzione Redazione “Falò”

Informazione RSI tel.  +41(0) 91 803 51 05 fax  +41(0) 91 803 56 91

The owners of the Acquarossa SPA project are  still  looking for funding. You can contact them here.

acquarossa SPA project: the owners

acquarossa SPA project: the owners

Ashoobgar Cook and  Andreas Schweitzer

Siège social: ACQUAROSSA TERME SA. 6716 Acquarossa Svizzera

ACQUAROSSA TERME SA Seestrasse 1. 6330 Cham. ZG, Schweiz +41 79 211 65 60


Costa Rica “Castillo Flamingo ” nightmare, another Vitala Scam by big Bd Wolf Vierich

Costa Rica “Castillo Flamingo ” nightmare, another Vitala Scam by big Bd Wolf Vierich

A testimonial by George Aaron : “it was my white horse”

[21/10/2016 20:28:28] George Aron: Yes, he cost me 10k for 1class airfare, hotel etc. When he arrived. We had meeting in my office with him and my team. Thats when he hit me for 160,000 to study my studies etc. Thats when i realized it was scam . 

I was lucky to get LOI out of him because he was under impression     that i would send him more money after i get the LOI.

Yes, i did file and register complain with English police but never heard from them.

[21/10/2016 20:36:49] George Aron: The LOI  i send you is the best scam proof that one can have on Vitala and biggest nail for the coffin. Good luck..

Keep in mind that thanks to Vitala i went bankrupt and lost all my investment in Costa Rica worth at the time more then 7MM plus. Today I am almost 68 years old and have 5000 dollars to my name and no income or retirement… All thanks to Vitala scam.

[22/10/2016 23:15:43] George Aron: they also had my project as financed on their website. Few people called me asking about Vitala and I was able to saved them. Then later, after they found out that people calling me, Vitala took my project of the website. 😉

[23/10/2016 12:55:16] George Aron: Once he show up in CR and we had first official meeting and was listening his bullshit for the first time. He hit me for the 160k saying that all my official studies are no good for him, he will have to do new ones for 160k. Aha, first 10k, then 160k and it will keep going up and will never end once he has you hooked etc. Very smart scam…..

Keep focusing that i got LOI for 20mm and he never went to see the property. SCAM..

No, I am not afraid of VG… Yes, I have a bomb proof that nobody else has.                                                          “Certified LOI for 20,000,000$” without even seeing the property!!!! (I only ask for 5-6M to begin with)  🙂

Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 1 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman

Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 1 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman


Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 2 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman

Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 2 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman

Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 3 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman

Vitala scam letter of intent Costa Rica page 3 by Big Bad Woilf Vierich Conman

This is a great testimonial, because it clearly shows the method used but vitala group for their scam.

George Aaron with Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman, from vitala Group international Scam company

George Aaron with Big Bad Wolf Vierich conman, from vitala Group international Scam company


First they guarantee : “no  upfront fee”.

But the minute customers are hooked Vitala  writes that “all documentation has to be approved by Vitala” and  “the finance search is subject to the completion of this documentation by Vitala Group companies”…  and of course all those work and certification has to be paid for by customer.

This is the scam.

Want to have details : 

IBP CORP a scam in the scam by Vitala Group and Big Bad Wolf Vierich

IBP CORP a scam in the scam by Vitala Group and Big Bad Wolf Vierich

This is an incredible ” Scam in the scam ” email that I have received.

 ibp corp fraud evidence by Mr Guzman-. Sale offer for the company for 10 millions dollars including supposed loan of 2,5 billions dollars by Vitala Group scam/conman Wolf Vierich

ibp corp fraud evidence by Mr Guzman-. Sale offer for the company for 10 millions dollars including supposed loan of 2,5 billions dollars by Vitala Group scam/conman Wolf Vierich

To make  a long story short this is how the scam in the scam goes : in this “testimonial”, Mr Guzman proposes an incredibly ” good deal ” ! You can buy for “only” 10 millions us $,  his IBP corp company, and “if you are serious” you might well end be lucky enough as you’ll get the initial 2, 5 BILLIONS ( yes you read it we’ll, BILLIONS) US $ granted by Vitala Group scam…

fake project for a bio oil plant in Salinas Ecuador. this fake testimonial is listed as successfully financed for 2.5 bILLIOPNS US$ by Vitala Group Scam. this oil plant has never existed, will never exist and the fake loan is just a bait to lure investors into being defraudedFake project for a bio oil plant in Salinas Ecuador. The  fake testimonial is listed as successfully financed for 2.5 BILLIONS US$ ( see link below to scam details) by Vitala Group international scam specialists and Big Bad Wolf Vierich. This oil plant has never existed, will never exist and the fake loan is just a bait to lure investors into being defrauded

I am investigating about the activities of the Vitala Group Scam,  and I have contacted many people listed on the Vitala Group web page, including the ones on the testimonial .

This is where I found the name and contact of mr Guzman. from International  Bio Power Corporation

I was very surprised at the poor professionalism of the testimonial he provides : no date on the testimonial or proposal for the sale of the company for 10 millions US $ with the 2,5 BILLIONS US $ loan by Vitala Group scam… spelling mistake). I had a look at their website,  and i fund this incredible page with foto gallery of the important projects of the company.

IBP scam workgroup fotos a scam in the scam by vitala group and conman Wolf Vierich

IBP scam workgroup fotos a scam in the scam by vitala group and conman Wolf Vierich


So I decided to send Mr  Guzman a message asking for more details. This was his answer


Asunto: RV: inquiry about Vitala group

To Whom It may Concern

Yes…. We at IBP Corp firmly, and without doubt state that Vitala Group of Companies is real, and a true company as is Dr. Wolf Vierich.

We stick by our publications attached herein… We have nothing but respect and tremendous gratitude for Dr. Wolf Vierich and his Company Vitala.

and he attached again the same testimonial

ibp corp fraud evidence by Mr Guzman-. Sale offer for the company for 10 millions dollars including supposed loan of 2,5 billions dollars by Vitala Group scam/conman Wolf Vierich

ibp corp fraud evidence by Mr Guzman-. Sale offer for the company for 10 millions dollars including supposed loan of 2,5 billions dollars by Vitala Group scam/conman Wolf Vierich

this firs email was followed by a second one below


Asunto: RV: inquiry about Vitala group

Ecuador: + (593-99) 736 – 1149 / España:+ (34) 635 99 67 82 / + (34) 618 56 57 11 / Suiza: + (41) 79 834 4187ibp corp
My name is Armando Guzman president of IBP Corp and Sabfuels S.A. (

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Wolf Vierich President of the Vitala Group of Companies here in Quito Ecuador for a site visit of our project (GREEN DIESEL REFINERY). We paid for Dr. Vierich’s trip to Ecuador and we were re-reimbursed for said trip ** VITALA. We also signed a Financial Procurement Agreement a few weeks later.

We also did an extensive due diligence search on Dr. Vierich and the Vitala Group.. One of these investigations was done ** a a federal agency in the USA as well as through Scotland Yard in the UK among other resources we have and all came back clear.

I resent the fact that people due to their lack of knowledge try to hurt other business men and companies that are trying to do good in other parts of the world.

I am an ex-banker that has worked for international banking associations in the Far East and Asia as well as in the USA.

Money does not come free of charge in any part of the world be it that one deals with commercial banks or HBC’s or financial syndicates. This has a price always. Weather it is paid to VITAL or any given Banking organization. Feasibility Studies and Market Studies and insurance etc., Costs money.

Dr. Vierich and I have sat for many long hours in person and or the INTERNET discussing and absolutely nothing has mad me or any of our 33 partners and shareholders think badly about him or his company.

Armando Guzman

I started checking about the facts stated in the testimonial and about the IBP corp project. I though such an important project would be listed on the search engines. So i searched  :

IPB corp 42 ha Chadul sector, province of Santa Elena, Ecuador. nothing showed up

Then i tried to contact the town hall, vice mayor and assistants

alcade  Lic. Dionicio Gonzabay Salinas           Dirección Ecuador, Santa Elena Av. 18 de Agosto y Calle 10 de Agosto Got no answer

Back to the testimonial letter itself, the scam in the scam !

As i explained  at the beginning of this article, in this “testimonial, Mr Guzman proposes an incredibly ” good deal ” !

he explains that they are to sell the company for some reasons, although IBP corp has received ” approval for a 2.5 BILLIONS US$ secured through the Vitala Group Scam by Big Bad Wolf Vierich `conman ! MIND YOU

He thus gives you this great opportunity  : you can buy for “only” 10 millions us $ IBP corp company. and “if you are able to meet certain qualification” (?) you might well end getting the initial 2, 5 BILLIONS US $ granted by Vitala Group scam… you’ll also be able to buy( at your own costs obviously ) the above mentioned estate of 42 thousand hectares in the Chandul province ( Ecuador ), that i have found no track nowhere. IBP corp would also transfer to you their result in research in micro sea algae, as well as the contacts and works done with spanish petroleum company REPSOL.

Well, Repsol is indeed a good reference. it is world wide known, and has a strong reputation.

I decided to check and have contacted REPSOL in Spain and sent this email

Objet : investigating about IBP corp making reference to your company REPSOL ref 42 ha Chadul sector, province of Santa Elena, Ecuador,

Hello. I am a journalist investigating a scam launched by Vitala Group.

One of the companies who assess that Vitala Group has helped them is IBP corp ( see letter here attached). I have suspicions that  they use your reference so as to lure people into trusting them. This letter, with no date, looks to me very strange.

I would like to know if you have ever heard about IBP cor and his supposed president Carlo Armando Guzman. Can you confirm that  you have successfully worked with them in the past ?

Also I am looking for informations about the project  listed in the documents here enclosed. IBP corp seems to me a very dubious company. I was wondering if you have heard about it 

it is also listed here  as a successful project Vitala Group | Global Projects

SALINAS, SANTA ELENA, ECUADOR. Bio Green Diesel Refinery Plant and Real Estate Project – 42000 Hectares site facing the ocean. Largest South American refinery plant. Other facilities include eco convention resort, 18 hole golf course & driving range, 1000+ residential housing, condominiums, algae plantation, palm oil production, gravel and hardwood production, industrial farming

fake project for a bio oil plant in Salinas Ecuador. this fake testimonial is listed as successfully financed for 2.5 bILLIOPNS US$ by Vitala Group Scam. this oil plant has never existed, will never exist and the fake loan is just a bait to lure investors into being defrauded

fake project for a bio oil plant in Salinas Ecuador. this fake testimonial is listed as successfully financed for 2.5 BILLIONS US$ ( scam) by Vitala Group Scam. this oil plant has never existed, will never exist and the fake loan is just a bait to lure investors into being defrauded

Repsol answer is very clear: they never have heard of IBP, mr Guzman and the Salinas project. this has never been existing. it is “the scam in the scam” invented by conman  Guzman with the support  of Vitala Group scam by Big Bad Wolf Vierich !

repsol email stating imp-corp is unknown to them

repsol email stating ibp-corp is unknown to them

RE: investigating about IBP corp making reference to your company REPSOL ref 42 ha Chadul sector, province of Santa Elena, Ecuador,

      • R, K <r….k…>

oct 24 à 6h51



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