Alzaman/Dakhla project is a hoax : another Vitala/big Bad Wolf Vierich Scam

Alzaman/Dakhla project is a hoax : another Vitala/big Bad Wolf Vierich Scam, run by a dormant company, Injazz invest, with a capital of 100€ (One hundred euros).

First rule for a journalist : look for reliable sources.

after i have seen on Vitala group scam website the following project :

hoax Alzaman Dakhla vitala group scam website

hoax Alzaman Dakhla vitala group scam website

I have started googling and looking for update informations on the search engines on the internet, about this fabulous development project: ” Alzaman is the name of a Pharaonic city project planned in 2024 in the Moroccan desert near the town of Dakhla. The city will cover 70 square kilometers and will be dedicated to the mixture of cultures, peace and the future of humanity. Adventure and the future, in addition to medical and academic areas.
The land of the project supported by the Swiss company Injaz Invest would have been offered by Morocco. City of Alzaman welcome nearly 400,000 inhabitants.

Well, on the official Tourims office of Morocco, nothing about such a huge project. just a few lines about Dakhla, which is famous for surfing. That’s all !

Informations about Dakhla on the website of Marrocco Tourism office

Informations about Dakhla on the website of Marocco Tourism office

text says :


Dakhla region Oued Ed-Dahab is simply characterized by a rich cultural, human, and natural history but also exceptional. It has a vast desert, plains, mountains and oases, home to rare fauna and flora and diverse, and many historically significant sites as an important archaeological heritage of this region. The area is bounded to the south by the region of Eddakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab, north by the region of Guelmim-Oued Noun, east Mauritania and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The region of Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra home to 367,758 people or 1.1% of the national population dispersed over area of 142 865 km2. It is the southernmost and largest region of Morocco. Still called the gate of Morocco sub-Saharan Africa, is almost empty but rich in historical events area that attract many archaeologists from the region, one can still discover some sites, writings, engravings or even remains as monoliths, which are there to witness the passage of man there for hundreds of years.


So i insisted and finally got in touch with a journalist for a moroccan magazine. this is a copy of the emails we have exchanged

—– Mail transféré —–
De : Mohamed Ezzouak <>
À : “” <>
Cc : “” <>
Envoyé le : Vendredi 7 octobre 2016 0h54
Objet : Re: [Message d’un lecteur]: contact

Hi Stephanie                                                                                                                   There is no project in Dakhla for this company.
It was just a hoax as we write on our article.

Email de l’expéditeur:
Sujet: contact
Nom: boy
Prénom: stephanie

Message : hello, I am a journalist and i make an inquiry about Vitala group. this company advertises on the internet some very important projects, and I suspect they are crooks. This is the reason why i am looking for more informations about the projects they describe as having been financed but them in your country, as you can see on their website I am wondering if you or some people in the tourism industry in your country has heard of this Vitala Group, and done any successful business with them please have a look at their website and let me know if you know about them and their supposed projects. have a good day. Stéphanie BOY Vitala Group | Global Projects DHAKLA , CITY OF PEACE, MOROCCO ALZAMAN Project – 100 km² new resort area comprising: Waterworld, Small Morocco, One Thousand and One Nights, Future City, Leisure Park. The centre is represented by the historic part – shaped like the globe.
Formulaire de contact

“Marocainement vôtre”

Mohamed Ezzouak
tél : +212.522.238.842
mob : +212.660.338.219

After i came across this adamant description on the web, by  a so called sheikh al naimi  who is the project developper and a partner of Vitala Group, who said : Somebody try to pollute the name of Dr. Wolf Vierich and the Vitala Group… I have excellent experience with Dr. Wolf and the Vitala Group. I work with the more than Four years and till now Dr. Wolf performed what he promises also he met the Ministers and the Important Influence People in much Country’s with me and left a very good impression in their mind… He is very Professional in this Part and he has already arranged the Investment for my Project exactly what he said. So please stop this Bullshit propaganda about him because IT IS NOT TRUTH and I am very happy to work with him and the Vitala Group.) Sheikh Al Nuaimi. Injazinvest

I wondered if I could find any updated information about Injaz Invest company. Well this what I found. Injazz invest was incorporated in England in 2009 with a capital of … 100 € (yes one hundred euros). The capital consists of 100 share each of then with a value of 1 € ( one euro). 


injazz invest capital is 100 € ( one hundred euros), with a capital of 100 ( one hundred) shares of 1 (one) euros each.

since 01 Feb 2011it is a dormant company  as you can check here View PDF

One can indeed wonder what is the value of such testimonials: when you have a dormant company, with a capital of 100€ (one hundred euros) assessing that Vitala Group has provided financing for a ghostly project lost in the desert sands !

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