the Acquarossa SPA : another Vitala Group Scam, inquired by swiss press

Another fake successful project listed on Vitala group web page: the Acquarossa SPA.

Today after 11 years,  it is still a project, and the owners are still looking for funding after years of work and fake promisses form the Vitala Group.  There has been tv reports as well as articles published in the swiss press about the “ghostly” Vitala group.

I spoke on the telephone mid  october 2016 with Mr  Andreas Schweitzer who is still the owner of the planned project. He has confirmed he has lost money time and reputation with Vitala group. He felt very sorry and sounded almost guilty, strangely enough. But this is quite normal for victims of conmen to feel it is their own fault. While in fact, as we have explained on our first article, conmen and scammers are so smart that everybody can be a victim.

You can see the informations on the web, here for the TV report

In this tv report,  the journalists have been inquiring about the activities of the Vitala Group. They event travelled to england where they discovered the office of this supposedly worldwide active group is just a mailbox   in a small office in London suburbs.

the italalian Magazine  La Regione Ticino from Augut-st 31, 2011 states

traduction of the article :

“Aquarossa terme SA has finished all contacts with Vitala Group”.

« We worked with them as we did work with other companies. They have helped us to elaborate the business plan, and we paid them for their work. Now each of us is going its own way… says Ashoob Cook owner of the SA. This divorce from the « international company » which was supposed to  find the necessary millions needed to build the project, is  a real relief !

Our newspaper has sent journalist to inquire in 3  of the tens of countries  were Vitala had supposedly many projects underway : it ended with very strange results…

Starting with Germany, where Vitala says ongoing projects in no less than nine cities. In Wiesbaden they would work on a 180-room hotel. A project we continue on Vitala’s  site, by clicking the red cross flag for Switzerland, there are two references, one to the Terms of Acquarossa and the other for a hotel of 280 rooms in Geneva Airport. After our  investigations in the city of Calvin, we found  nobody has ever heard the name of Vitala: “We are not aware of a project for a hotel of this size in the area of the airport. Maybe someone has spoken once. What is certain is that we far from any something concrete ” said an official of the Directorate of permits for construction. And the Federal Office of Civil Aviation denies the existence of the project described on the website of Vitala in Geneva. “After searching with my specialist, I can confirm – writes an officer of the Federal Administration – we never received information on plans for this  type of hotel near Geneva airport. “

thought  local authorities should be aware ! ” No, we do not know nothing  about such a project ». That is the answer of the Town Hall.

At Lery Poses, in the French department of Eure (Normandy) known for its beautiful villages and castles typical, Vitala said they are engaged in the financing of a leisure park with 18 hole golf course, 300-room hotel, 90 apartments, three restaurants, shooting range and artificial lake. “We already have a golf course, there would be no need to do another, ” said a politician responsible of the municipality. “Vitala? I do not know this company,” he adds.

Back to Ticino, the first and only time that the  Vitala “multinational” showed up there, was in a meeting, along  with a dozen people. And our fellow journalists from OIAF who fetched Vitala  in London in their headquarters,  broke their nose on a small house, lost in the sad outskirts  west of the city, which serves as letter box for tens of offshore companies.  On this occasion, it was impossible for the journalists  to meet the leaders or spokesmen of ghostly Vitala group.

The article is clear.

The investigation was followed  by Swiss television  RSI in its report on Acquarossa, which you can see here.

You  also can contact RSI TV here

 Liliana Canetti Assistente alla produzione Redazione “Falò”

Informazione RSI tel.  +41(0) 91 803 51 05 fax  +41(0) 91 803 56 91

The owners of the Acquarossa SPA project are  still  looking for funding. You can contact them here.

acquarossa SPA project: the owners

acquarossa SPA project: the owners

Ashoobgar Cook and  Andreas Schweitzer

Siège social: ACQUAROSSA TERME SA. 6716 Acquarossa Svizzera

ACQUAROSSA TERME SA Seestrasse 1. 6330 Cham. ZG, Schweiz +41 79 211 65 60


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