Vitala Group scam strategy : endless list of fake projects

Vitala Group worldwide scam strategy : endless list of fake  projects

This first things scammers do :

  • 1 – try to look like  people you can trust. This is why you find so many fake testimonials listed as ” successful project ”  ( see on this page at the end of this story) on Vital Group international scam website . They also want to show you how big they are and very honest. “The illusions in the scam strategy “.                     Just check their FINANCE SEARCH APPLICATION.
     “We do not charge up-front fees
    We charge a percentage success fee only upon an applicant accepting finance through The Vitala Group, at the applicant’s sole discretion.
    We do not accept finance applications for less than a minimum US $5 million equivalent, per project application 
  • 2 – describe their activities in such a complicated way that reality is all blurred and you just cannot check if anything is for real : ” The lies in the lie strategy “ .
  • 3 – give so many incorrect and fake  informations with no detailed contacts no clear references so you feel lost in the dark  “The all is blurred strategy”
  • 4 – make fake contracts with secrecy clauses so your victims feel trapped ” the secret conspiracy strategy “

“The illusions in the scam strategy” 

This is why they strike right in the target with the self fulfilling description “With global development projects completed, in over 100 countries, since 1983, we specialise in financing projects from inception right through operations. This includes project financing, acquisitions, mergers, buy-outs and joint ventures.”

Then you have this endless list of testimonials ad supposedly successful projects.

” The lies in the lie strategy “

Then comes the “detailed ” description of their activities : one feels a bit uncomfortable with such a long list, full of spelling errors et bad english ( well you can say my english is also bad ! This is true, but i do not fake I am a huge international company working worldwide  for 30 years ….

From vitala Group Web page : “Our services cover, in the main: identification » conceptualisation » feasibility studies » management plans» business plans » master planning & architectural design » international project financing » project management » operational management » sponsorship » grant search » joint ventures » international business & competitive intelligence » management buy in’s / buy out’s.

Our international “hands-on” operating experience means that individual project involvement can result in us providing consultancy, design, marketing, management, project financing, as well as assisting with the financing structure (when we are involved in and have an intimate knowledge of a project’s content), or any combination of the above-mentioned. The latter applies in the observation of national and international regulations and restrictions dealing with the offer and procurement of investment advice.

Then after having read about all the fake projects and failed projects listed on Vitala International scam Group, in such a great number they make our head spin,   you’ll be happy to read on their presentation

All in all, our function is to advise our clients, safeguard them from unnecessary expenditure in the early stages of project development in and thus build a long-lasting relationship, profitable in the long term for both parties…. Ours is a people-oriented business and we recognise that our continued success depends upon the qualitative, timely performance and delivery of all our services through people for people.”

“The all is blurred strategy”

Vitala Scam group’s fake past and present membership list has the same targets : they aim at showing Vitala Scam group is trustful, but also at making you feel confused because there are so many people to contact that you just give up the quest of what is the truth… also, the list comes with no detailed contacts that you could get in touch with, no internet links… you then feel completely loss and just feel you are not going to waist your time at trying to double check facts.

A list of fake Past and Present Professional Memberships of Vitala international scam Group by Big Bad Wolf Vierich.

Nobody really knows who those guys are anyway… google them  you’ll get almost nowhere !

  • The Institute of Management
  • International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions
  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Themed Entertainment Association
  • Urban Land Institute
  • The Tourism Society
  • The British Computer Society
  • World Leisure & Recreation Association
  • The Engineering Council
  • The Institute of Hospitality ( formally HCIMA )
  • Russian Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions
  • World Waterpark Association
  • Hospitality Action
  • Professional Services Management Association
  • Association of Leisure Equipment Suppliers of the UK
  • Association of Hotel General Managers of the Republic of China
  • Guangdong Hotel & Lodging Association, PRC
  • Fort Dragon International Hotel Management, PRC
  • Lehrman Gerson Group

The Vitala international Scam Group also lists  int their ” group profile ” con  page, all kind of projects which do not exist, were a complete failure, or even worse, some of which owners are actually suing Vital Group and big Bad Wolf Vierich  !

Algeria Ouargla from Saad Boudemagh group on international project 13 on vitala scam group page

Algeria Ouargla from Saad Boudemagh group on international project 13 on vitala scam group page


For instance Algeria Ouargla  Cattle processing and Crop production by  Saad Boudemagh Group  has been a total failure  because  for the financing which was supposed to be brought by Vitala international Scam Group has never been completed. We have talked with Mr Saad Boudemagh and his associates, and they also have explained that they are now suing Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group for scam in the UK !

The same thing has happened with  the project of the first stainless Steel plant in Algeria, another of Saad Boudemagh Group project ! Not only the financing of Vitala international Scam group has been a total failure, but Saad Boudemagh is suing Vitala Group for scam for the same reasons as stated above.

Oran Algeria Saad Boudemagh Group listed as successful on the scam webpage of Vitala con people while Saad Boudemagh Group is suing Vitala's Wolf Vierich for scam

Oran Algeria Saad Boudemagh Group listed as successful on the scam webpage of Vitala con people while Saad Boudemagh Group is suing Vitala’s Wolf Vierich for scam


So one wonders how come this projects are still listed  as “successful” on Vitala’s Website.

More about “The all is blurred strategy”

Now have a look at this seemingly endless list of fake testimonials and project listed on Vitala Group international scammers  website.

You probably are going to feel seasick. So many places, cities, and projects… but never a detailed contact or adress. The list just looks like a fantasy illusion that has popped up from a sick brain . And this is just what it is.

The trouble is no one is ever going to loose time to double check this crazy list … because it is impossible. The informations provided by Vitala international scam group are so vague. All descriptions are fuzzy, imprecise, and they provide absolutely no details.

I did manage to get in touch with some of the person who  had contacted international  Vitala Scam Group  in search of financing.  Now i get to the end of my research, I’ll write just a few more stories. I think indeed the police should be in charge of going after this scammers now.

If I have just an advice to the victims, it is : go to the police and  file a complain. the more complain there will be the moire the police will go after Vitala international scam Group and Wolf Vierich con man.


Oran, Algiers. The country’s first Stainless Steel Plant. Algeria. Ouargla, Hassi Messaoud. The country’s first Cattle Processing & Crop Production project


Manama Largest Middle Eastern luxury Marina Yacht Club


Bahia “REGINE” – Night-club project

Buzzes 350 hectares multi tourism project

Isla da Croa, State of Alagoas Eco tourism resort – 350 acres, Joint Venture acquisition

Rio de Janeiro (The Rev. Caio Fabio) The world’s first “Bible” Theme Park

Rio de Janeiro (VINDE TV) One of Brazil’s largest Cable TV stations, privately owned, financing

Rio de Janeiro (Factory of Hope). A factory covering 55,000m2 , transformed into a “social village” with 70 different projects offering professional training, education, health and leisure to over 70,000 people per month, free of charge. Charitable undertaking, financing


Indian Ocean Island

Four New Isolated Tourist Island Developments – Multiple hotel and cabana type accommodation for 1200+ guests, eco plantations, stealth hotel units, spa, fitness centre, deep sea fishing unit

Cape Verde Islands

Sal Island

An island country spanning 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. The project covers a large number of Fractional Ownership tourist resort units – with the main resort being located in the capital: Sal.

Sal Cap Verde island another vitala scam

Sal Cap Verde island another vitala scam

I have tried to get informations about this project contacting the authorities of SAL, CAPE VERDE ISLAND and local magazine. Never got any answers

Endereços do Jornal A Semana



Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. The Kunlun Hotel – 100 room, 4-star hotel – Acquisition strategy, financing

Guangzhou. 400 acre resort development, with two hotels, equestrian centre.Beijing

Shijingshan District.Shijingshan theme park – 32 acres. Beijing Shijingshan District

Bada Chu Park (housing the 20 largest Buddha temples in the world)

Miyun County. Tourism Strategy for the People’s Congress

Jiangmen City. The Fortune Convention Hotel, financing

JIA XINA Municipality. 7.3 million m2 eco resort development

Costa Rica

San Jose. Water Leisure Park – Vitala Group ownership

San Jose. Water Leisure Park – government ownership


Limassol, Ayia Napa, Larnaca.Three water leisure parks

Oroklini (272000 m2 Salt Lake). Sports stadium, minigolf, theme park, waterpark, public leisure and recreation project, incorporating sports, themed landscape and recreational areas

Asia Napa. Retail and Leisure hotel complex, open-air leisure concept

Larnaca. Re-design of existing commercial and private largest Mediterranean Marina

Paphos. 200 room hotel extension, Health and sports club, enclosed swimming pool, fitness area, retail units, beauty parlours

Country-wide. Design of golf development and construction strategy assignment – The Cyprus Tourism Authority

Aria Napa. Resort Village feasibility

Protaras. Resort Village design

Limassol. Commercial Water leisure theme park

Limassol. Redevelopment of the Old Port / 2 marinas – The Cyprus Ports Authority

Aqlatas. Alatas Island Hotel Resort design concept

Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, Sosua. Beach Hotel and leisure resort – market evaluation, acquisition

Sosua. The former Sand Castle Resort (240 room hotel complex,120 boat marina, 18-hole golf course.) acquisition – Project financing


Salinas, Santa Elena. Bio Green Diesel Refinery and Real Estate Project. 42000 Hectares site facing the ocean


Dejen Town, Amhara State.2 x 10000 TCPD, Ethiopia largest cement plant on 450 hectares area


Dejen Town oil reffinery Ethiopia as seen on vitala scam website

Dejen Town oil reffinery Ethiopia as seen on vitala scam website

I did find some informations about a project which looked similar to this one, published By Kevin Mwanza  Published: December 30, 2013, 5:23 am –  at:

Though it did not mention Vitala group, and i am not sure this is the same project. Anyway the informations that are provided  on the afkinsider website are not accurate enough to allow any serious investigations.

I have found the journalist Kevin Mwanza on linked in. I’ll try to get more informations from him.

I also  have found this

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - An Ethio-American company based in the US, North Holdings Investment Inc., is to build a new cement factory with an outlay of USD 800 million in the Amhara Regional State near Dejen town.

North Holdings Investment Inc president, Temesgen M. Bitew, told The Reporter that his company is planning to build the factory in east Gojam, Dejen wereda, Menda locality. Temesgen said with two production lines the factory will have the capacity to produce 8.4 million tons of cement

The idea of building the cement factory was conceived in 2006. According to Temesgen, the feasibility study was completed. The company is to hire a Danish contractor called FLS that would build the factory, supply and install the machineries.

CONTACT ADDRESS Ethiopian Reporter  Media & Communications Center. Addia Ababa, Ethiopia   (+251) 116 61 61 85

I have sent mail but until d-today I,have not received any answers.


Lery Poses, Rouen.Themed leisure project, incorporating enclosed dry and wet leisure dome, waterpark, retail units, 9‑hole and 18-hole golf courses, jogging and cycling track, 90 villa housing development, 300 room hotel, cinema, bowling alley, libraries, shooting range, year round sports and fitness facilities, artificial lakes and beach facilities, 3 restaurants, 5 bars, 1 disco

 Lery Poses France and Aquarossa Ticino on the scam webpage of vitala con people

Lery Poses France and Aquarossa Ticino on the scam webpage of vitala con people

I did contact the mayor Mr Piednoël, who had never heard of Vitala Group. He has advised me to get in touch with Mr Jean Phillipe Brun and Mrs  Valérie Petit, responsible for the actual Golf Course in Lery Poses. They have confirmed they have never works with any Vitala group and that everything listed on the website is a lie.


Mannheim. Holiday Inn Hotel project (140 rooms)

Frankfurt/Main. Holiday Inn Hotel project (280 rooms)

Hamburg. Holiday Inn Hotel project (240 rooms)

Cologne. Holiday Inn Hotel project (280 rooms)

Munich. Holiday Inn Hotel project (160 rooms)

Wiesbaden. Holiday Inn Hotel project (180 rooms)

Heidelberg. Holiday Inn Hotel project (220 rooms)

Stuttgart. Holiday Inn Hotel project (240 rooms)

Pass. Holiday Inn Hotel project (200 rooms)

Brandenburg – Berlin.Hotel project (332 rooms)


Athens. Water theme park project

Hong Kong

FEC legislation in Hong Kong – Design of the Regulatory Impact Assessment of proposed legislation on Family Entertainment Centres (FECs). The Government Business & Services Promotion Unit and Environmental Resources Management Ltd (ERM)


Budapest : Water leisure park project

Harmony. 3.2 acres hotel, wellness and spa, cosmetic surgery facilities

Hedervar. 358 acres resort, large convention hotel / facilities, golf course, driving range, children animal farm, stables and horse riding facilities

Scents. Thermal Health & Tourism Project – A themed tourism and sports hotel with 219 mixed room units, a Cosmetic Clinic concept, a Wellness Coliseum, Arboretum and the construction of the 5-star Petofi Hotel (82 rooms). Numerous indoor and outdoor leisure facilities on Szesrienyi Island and the upgrading of the existing County Hall Museum and Convention facilities.


Mumbai. Water leisure park + theme park

Mumbai. Theme park

Mumbai. Theme park

Amrit Shakti Township. New Township for 152,000 residents: 41,000 apartments, 3 schools, convenience stores, theme park, waterpark, golf course, multi-storey parking, infrastructure

Nirvana Valley. Exclusive Golf & Country Club

Mumbai. Joint Venture consultancy for Swiss Water Equipment Manufacturers

Hyderabad. Multi-purpose tourism project. Development of 300 room Five Star Hotel, waterpark, boat-house, club house, amusement park, retailing units, Film city


Countrywide. Commercial introduction of British companies into the Japanese market, advice on how to proceed and be represented – (UK Department of Trade & Industry – Opportunity Japan Campaign)


Four hospital and healthcare projects, management

Aqaba. Waste management, cleansing and sewage plants, compost plants, transfer stations and landfill sites


Kuwait City Three large state hospitals management


Arivonimamo. Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world. This is the location for a 316.28 acre Horse Farm and Leisure Centre Resort Project, comprising: an 18 Hole golf course, golf driving range, a public race course, equestrian centre, stables, casino, children’s zoo, agricultural farms, horse breeding facilities and recuperation facilities.

Arivonimano Madagascar project as seen on Vitala scam website

Arivonimano Madagascar project as seen on Vitala scam website

The only informations i came across on the internet about Arivonimamo in Madagascar, are here  ( in french). They list rural projects abut wood plantation, vegetables, chicken farms, milk farms and dairy products, protecting the Tapia Forest…

Nothing similar to the luxury resort listed on Vitala’s Scam Website

COMMUNE ARIVONIMAMO II Les projets de développement à la rescousse


Sept projets de développement rural interviennent dans la commune rurale d’Arivonimamo II. Ce sont les projets sur le bois et l’énergie, les légumes et l’élevage du poulet, le changement climatique, le lait, l’environnement et la protection de la forêt de Tapia. A entendre le maire Armand Rabearivelo, samedi, en marge d’un reboisement dans sa commune, ces projets constituent les premiers partenaires de la commune dans le développement. Depuis la baisse de la subvention des communes en 2009, ils on contribué à la construction d’un Collège d’enseignement général (CEG), d’un Centre de santé de base niveau II (CSB II), d’un forage et d’un marché communal.

I have tried to contact journalists or administration but never got any answer


The Maldives

Male. Resort boat island, 27 acres, financing, development

Various Ocean Islands. Feasibilities to project finance remote islands developments


Pacific Coast. Chacala combined hotel/ condominium/ leisure resort, comprising: 700 villas, 1800 condominiums, 2 hotels x 300 rooms each, 18 hole golf course, city development. 2 beach fishing areas, 250 berth inland marina, sport/fitness facilities, restaurants, bars, 18 shops


Ulaanbaatar. Shonkhor Tower Water Park Sports Complex. A convention Tower Hotel containing offices, apartments and sports facilities.


Multiple tourist development sites and golf courses – projects, financing


DHAKLA 100 km² new resort area comprising: Waterworld, Small Morocco, One Thousand and One Nights, Future City, Leisure Park.

Amsterdam. Holiday Inn Hotel project (240 rooms)

De Meern. Sale of major manufacturing company to British group

New Zealand

Christchurch. Project Financing of Water 3000 Ltd., Water Bottling Plant


Lagos / Jos. Establishment of a group of 6 trading companies, involved in export, hotels, resorts, trading, camp and hospital management, and commercial transport leasing


Lima (City Council) “Eco” Island


Mindanao. Lanao beach resort, 150 room hotel, 22 cottages, 380 acres, financing, development

Makati – Manila. 5 * hotel, 400 rooms, financing, architectural design

Manila. Asia Hospital, buy-out and refinancing proposals


Szcryk. Eagle’s Nest Resort Hotel Complex – 300+ room winter resort hotel complex, conference hotel, indoor/ outdoor sports facilities, indoor waterpark, Olympic pool, and spa, financing


Algarve – Quinta do Lago. Ipanema leisure and hotel resort project, comprising: hotels, 600 villas, 1200 condomini

Algarve –ums, clinics, sports and fitness facilities, stables, 18-hole golf course, village, retail units, amphitheatre, restaurants, bars, 12 shops

Porches. Europe’s largest open-air water leisure and theme park, Vitala Group ownership

National Chain of Petrol Stations. Chain of 40 budget brand hotels, roadside location (4,800 rooms)

Algarve – Porches. Open-air mini-golf course, Vitala Group ownership

Alcantarilha. Children’s playground resort, Vitala Group ownership

Lisbon. Open air water leisure park

Lisbon. Water leisure park project

Algarve – Porches. Olympic size swimming pool, Vitala Group ownership

Lisbon. Holiday Inn Hotel project (220 rooms)

Lisbon (Aqua Park). Leisure complex and theme park, horse racing course, breeding farm and stables, hotels and leisure facilities, sport and fitness, thalassotherapy centre, 18‑hole golf course

Lisbon (Aqua Park). Water leisure park project


Sibiu. Development and Project Financing of the US$400 Million, Health / Wellness Convention Resort in Sibiu Region


Cyborg. 3 Star 160 room city hotel – design and development

Novosibirsk. Indoor waterpark project

Novosibirsk. Indoor ski complex, 550 room convention hotel, indoor waterpark

Moscow.The Moscow City Zoo – indoor Dolphinarium

Yekaterinburg.7th Kingdom Family Entertainment Centre – operational audits

Sochi. 72 land sites – tourist development strategy

Saudi Arabia

Jubail, Riyadh, Al Khobar. Numerous large industrial catering projects for national companies

Jubail. Holiday Inn Hotel project (180 rooms) – design and project management


Somber. The first and subsequent phases of a Windmill Park establishment throughout Serbia. The first phase comprises 20 – 25 windmills. Project Financing only.

South Africa

Port Elizabeth. 5 Star Hotel (250 rooms) and shopping complex

Johannesburg. 3 Star Hotel group (3 hotels)

Johannesburg. Professional and amateur boxing promotion enterprise development

South Korea

Pohang City. 68 acres eco tourism resort development, financing

Seoul. Hwa Spa Resort, comprising two different star rated hotels for 1500 visitors, multi-floor spa for 1500 people, diverse open-air leisure and sports facilities, indoor FEC, golf driving range, Minigolf course and indoor retail units. Design, layout of facilities, project management, strategic planning, feasibility studies, financing

Daegu .Asia’s first Solar Cell Power Manufacturing Plant. Research and investigation, preliminary financial feasibilities and financing

Chuncheon Island .Gangwong – Do Province. Eco island resort, 350 room convention hotel, 1.2 million square feet island with eco, leisure culture structure, villas. Strategic planning, financing, design

DaejeonCity Paradise Town project (hotels, condominiums, offices, real-estate, leisure). Feasibility studies, architectural design, master planning, financing

Seoul. Namdaemun Multi-Purpose real estate project. It comprises two building structures of 25 floors and 30 floors each, plus 8 floors underground, situated in central Seoul. A 280 room hotel, 170 offices, extensive indoor and outdoor leisure facilities, including a Golf Driving Range – are provided for.

Seoul. Sarangsem Church and Kindergarten.

Nacu City. 61.15 acres of Solar Power Field Station Installation. Project Financing only.

Hwasun. 16.30 acres of Solar Power Field Station Installation. Project Financing only.

Buyeo. Development and Project Financing of US$250 Million, The Jade Mining Resort Project.


Costa del Sol. 4 Star apartment hotel , (180 rooms)

Costa del Sol. Sotogrande Beach Club within large Sotogrande residential development

Málaga, Barcelona, Mallorca, Marbella, Torremolinos. Theme and Water Park Group-acquisition / Exit strategy

Costa del Sol. Historic 22 unit authentic traditional Spanish mountain villa project

Costa del Sol. Large tropical fruit farming and luxury housing development


Geneva. Holiday Inn Hotel (airport) project (280 rooms)

Ticino Lugano. Acquarossa Terme Spa Resort (170 rooms hotel)


Damascus. 1.2 million m2 Leisure City, with large traditional markets, mosque, hotels, chalets, theme park, landscaping, 5,000 housing plots, infrastructure, creation of a lake. (Total site design area = 6.8m m2

 Syria Damascus development project as seen on the scam webpage of Vitala con people

Syria Damascus development project as seen on the scam webpage of Vitala con people


Aleppo. Country first water theme park project

With war raging in Syria these days, I wonder what has happened to those glorious projects !


Project and operational management of six national 3/4 star tourist hotels and coastal beach resorts, co‑operative wood-carving shops and tourist retail units located throughout the country (35 units)


Bangkok. Theme park project

Kanachanburi. Development and Project Financing of US$250 Million – St Andrews River Kwai Golf Resort


Theme park project


Tunis. 56000 sq. ft. Manar Shopping Mall Centre. 160 retail units


Istanbul. 600 room Hotel and leisure resort complex

Antalya. ECO theme resort project, leisure, 464 room hotel, 3800 seat convention centre, waterpark, dance/rock/concert arena for 12,500 participants


(Ashgabat City Government). Conversion of large Government owned municipal parks to tourism and leisure projects.

United Arab Emirates

Umm Al Quwain. The largest waterpark in the Middle East owned and operated by the Ruler of Umm Al Quwain – operational consultancy

United Kingdom

Suffolk. 450 room convention hotel, golf, external leisure

London / Bury St Edmunds. Outline marketing programme for solicitors’ services within the UK

London. 4 Star, 140 room city hotel and 14 residential apartments

London. “REGINE” – nightclub project

Manchester. Holiday Inn Hotel project (250 rooms)

Lake District. “Langdale” – timeshare leisure project


Location to be decided. Wild West and Indian themed attraction, incorporating farms, 5 hotels, 4 casinos, visitor attractions – all on a 77,000 acre land site.

Oregon. Water play equipment manufacturers, trademark protection strategy

Virginia. Theme park

Texas. The Alta Health Institute

Cape Canaveral, Orlando, Florida. “Epcot” type space theme park

St Paul, Minnesota. Recreation of an authentic Scandinavian village, with landscaped support structure

Cripple Creek, Colorado. Casino Resort: Apartments, hotel, casino, recreation areas, gas station, convenience stores

Cripple Creek, Colorado. Multiple resort area 46 acre land banks – sale/disposal

Chicago. World’s largest annual Halloween Festival event known as “Fear Fest”

Chicago. National radio network

California. Representation – manufacturer of the largest themed rides and simulation equipment

Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Multi-unit resort and Vitala Group co-ownership project

Grafton, Illinois. Eco-resort project

Temecula, California. 22.4 acre op-air waterpark project, with minigolf and FEC – Vitala Group co-ownership project


Hoi An, Quang Nam. Con Bap Eco Resort. Nah Trang. Van Dang Marina & Villas, a traditional Vietnamese-style resort project.

How Province. Cam Ranh Resort (Tourist Resort/Villas/Hotel/Marina/Leisure/Golf) 190 hectares, Khanh Hoa Province

Hue City. 212 acres, Bach Ma National Park resort, golf, hotel, leisure centre, convention centre


5 star Hotel project (185 rooms)


From Livingstone to Kitwe. Utrens Ltd – Developer. Project financing of 10-30 transport stations. Financing of approx. 20-40 large buses. Modern rest stations / motel units / lodges



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