For a long long time now Kirby Jenner has been photoshopping himself into numerous famous celebrity photos from Kendall Jenner, the Kardashian, Demi Lovato and many more for a comedic effect.

It has been an such an internet sensation and so comedic that he was able to capture the laughs of over 1 million followers on Instagram. Don’t believe us, check out the hilarious pics below:

Kirby an Instagram genius, was able to achieve an incredible task with getting over one million followers by reeling in those Kardashian fans with hilarious photos. Kirby keeps things fresh and new by adding creative captions to go with each photo that are often quite amusing.

This funny Instagram post brings some country style into the photo and as well references a classic hero from Toy Story about the snake in all of our boots.

Bird humor is always a funny subject online. He’s the non-vulgar Kardashian flipping the bird in an attempt to get it to learn tricks.

Looks like Kirby wants sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads as Kendall is a fembot from Austin Powers, he played Dr. Evil pretty well with a skull cap but kept his mustache.

Why cannot we exit planes like this when we fly? It would make layovers a bit more interesting and like a split n slide.

An invitation to The Met Gala is damn near impossible to get unless you’re a super star but luckily for Kirby with his photoshop skills we can attend any event with Kendall as he pleases.

This photo from Halloween 2017 is as creepy as it gets, somewhere a cross of a scary nightmare and an animal farm gothic photoshoot.

Kirby wearing a kimono and underwear soo well Pantene Pro-V might have to start paying him for Instagram posts.

And just like that childhood dreams were destroyed when a sad fact was realized that Muppets were all puppets.


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